Design-a-Weapon (Week 3: Mana Color)


AHOY, ADVENTURERS! The third round of our design-a-weapon is now open! Our weapon will be a scythe from the Sin of Maraj, so what mana colours should it use? Vote here:!

For those interested, here are the results from the last round.


Results page looks like a preschool test :smiley:



I chose yellow (with purple as my second choice) because we don’t have any troops or weapons that explode all purple gems or all yellow gems—and that is what I am sincerely hoping we get as the weapon’s effect. Unsure what thought process everyone else was using, but early returns are very close to what I wanted.

Edit: crap. Forgot about Herdmaster, and can’t change my vote now. :frowning:

One color weapon =/

Brown has the best 1 color weapons
Blue has a few decent 1 color weapons

Yellow has 1 good 1 color weapon and a bunch of average ones
Green has some okay 1 color weapons, but they’re mostly on the single target side.

Purple has some of the worst 1 color weapons and some okay AoE weapons
Red is on the weaker side of 1 color weapons

Mono Red needs the most support, but because it has so many other good weapons that are mixed with Red, I’ll vote Purple.

Two/Three color would have been more interesting though.

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I do not want to see another purple scythe, hell no. Piling on cliches as it is. I’m going to pick something we don’t have anything of.

Sort of wish this was a dual-colored legendary instead of a mono-colored epic …

Okay seriously. We have eight Scythes, five are mono-purple and two are purple+something. IT ENDS HERE. IT HAS TO END HERE.


What are y’all doing? We’re headed towards a cliche storm!


Voted Earth’s Fury.

I voted Yellow, cause I don’t think that we have a yellow scythe yet iirc

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Here are all 8 Scythes. Keep the color distribution in mind when voting.


Yeah, except weapon type typically doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Its just a design. Sure, some hero classes have talents based on weapon type, but thats only a very pitiful amount of magic bonus.

Its all about the spell effect and in this case Purple is still underrepresented in useful weapons.

Even if its a scythe, maybe we can actually have a decent non-AoE scythe for once. An exploder with life leeching effects, for example.

I have to admit I’m pretty surprised to see how popular purple is as the mana colour.


@Saltypatra can you say whether or not we’ll be able to decide on Spell effects? 7 out of 8 Scythes so far have been damage-all weapons, and it seems that would be a factor in some votes (including mine!):

She does say what “colours” should it use… Implying it will be multiple colours.

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Another reason to go with Yellow.
If building a full Sin of Miraj team. Only Wrath uses yellow Mana currently. None of the other troops.
(Assuming Sin of Miraj gets a hero class before it gets more yellow troops.)

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At the moment, only Yellow appears to be able to stop Purple, so the anti-cliche vote is Yellow.

This whole process is reinforcing my belief that preferential voting is superior in all circumstances.


There’s another Sin of Miraj troop with Yellow coming soon, if it doesn’t get changed at all.

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Caaaaaaaaaarn Yellow!!!


Hello everyone, due to some back end issues we are closing our Survey Monkey. Stay tuned for updates and when voting resumes.

“Issues” like someone voting more than once? :thinking:

Sure hope not. But if so, and they caught it, they can probably just invalidate those votes!

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