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Selection of Troops by Arcane Traitstones

This is an element that would help us a lot to find specific creatures in the Troops tab in the game.

When we select a mana color on the filter, we see all the combinations it has. For example, if we select Yellow, we see all creatures that use only Yellow Mana, as well as those using Yellow / Green, Yellow / Blue, Yellow / Red, Yellow / Brown, and Yellow / Purple.

However, if we select Yellow and Red we see all creatures that use only Yellow Mana and all that use only Red Mana, as well as all combinations for these two types of colors, leaving much more complicated than just looking one color at a time .

It would be much more practical if we selected two Mana colors, for example, Yellow and Red, the game would only show us the creatures that have these two colors in their Traits, that is, only creatures with Arcane Storm.

You just click on All Colors at the top to do that


I did not understand. Anyway, my suggestion was that we could see all creatures using a single Arcane, such as Storm, Summer, Shield …

If we click on a color, we see all the creatures that use that color combined with others, but if we click on two colors we see the same folded result, that is, all the creatures that use the first color combined with all the others and all the creatures who use the second color combined with all the others in a unique result.

Finding ONLY creatures using a single Arcane is still a dream.

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You can see all the troops which use a particular Arcane Traitstone at https://gowdb.com/extras/traitstones

:scream_cat: I was completely beaten by this detail. I feeling a complete noob now. Thanks for the answer. Anyway, this post is completely useless, we already have the feature I was looking for, I just had not noticed. I’ll pass it on to others inattentive like me.
Thanks for the help, it really helped me a lot.

Many thanks for the link. I always access GOWDB, but I didn’t know that session in Extras. Very useful indeed, I already added to my Favorites. :smiley_cat: