After two weeks of GW, what is the weakest color to date? (Poll)

So we’ve had two full weeks of Guild Wars thus far and while it’s far from perfect, one of the things I find fun and interesting about GW is how it’s really opened my eyes to how uneven the colors are staffed. While this is hardly surprising being that having full-color teams wasn’t important before, I’m curious to see how/if the devs address this going forward.

Regardless of all that, for those of you late gamers, what are you all finding the hardest to field full color, effective teams for? For me, it’s varied a little based on the troop/kingdom bonus for the weeks, but Red has been weak both weeks. Blue is also not terribly strong. Purple and Brown are very strong (not surprisingly) as are Green and for the most part, Yellow.

Agree? Disagree? What color are you struggling with?

  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Brown

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For me it was purple. GW has made me test more teams and I found myself playing more this week than I have in awhile. I would use pvp as my proving ground for the teams I made and if it didn’t work I revised. I really wanted to use Elemaugrim for my purple team, but it just wasn’t working for me reliably so I switched to a purple/green team.


Purple and red. I have struggled to find some teams that would survive to Death mark and that were working efficiently.


Red for me.


Red here … though yellow days bring back disappointing memories of me spending a huge cache of resources I had saved up and still not getting Abynnisia :disappointed:


Definitely red, with blue as honorable mention. Counters are super important in Guild Wars, and both are really limited in targeted mana drain / entangle / stun.


Purple and Red for sure. Leaning more towards purple though since red day has Crimson Bat | Valkyrie | Draakulis combo.

Green is also hard without Famine or any of the good green legends.


For me Yellow - Both weeks, the lowest scores. And it’s because of the multiple Famine, Draakulus, multiple spirit fox. you just can’t find enough that can get past that taking mana from all. Nothing stops that -Famine especially. I had a long talk with folks about the different mana burn counters… Nothing stops Famine’s version.

What is more disturbing is the Famine’s last Trait taking away 3 skill points every turn - so you would think that putting a card such as Rakshanin in the first slot based on his ‘can’t be targetted’ - nope that doesn’t work. The card that would work in that slot is a brown. The Acolyte would but again it’s brown.


Yeah my money is on Famine getting a big ol’ nerf once DM is straightened out. He’s easily the most overpowered card in the game right now.


I am always willing to try to beat it, but it’s been other color teams that have worked… but not yellow.

The other thing I have noticed is I started going through and trying to find for example in one color - who is immune to poison or what not. Not all colors are balanced that way. And even those that do - are not in the same trait space -which again why is the same trait costing more for one troop than another has never made sense.

And last but not least, it is very hard to get the following two type of bonuses as well in all colors

X from kingdom
X of troop type

I was able to do that this week with Red (Scale Guards was a really kick *** team). Not sure how powerful it would be next week.

I voted for green, ironically it was the colour i was most confident about going into GW, from testing colour teams weeks in advance i found green had the most viable options.
Turns out my green teams were on the squishier side and it is the only colour i couldn’t finish with all 4 troops alive in all of the games. Though i don’t have Famine, which i recon would have trivialized the matches drastically.

Anyways so far i don’t think any colour is really behind in monocolour teams, i had no problems fielding mono teams to go 5/0 on all days and that is with missing all of the notoriously usefull base mythics.

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Green or maybe purple are tough. Blue or brown easiest. I don’t feel like there’s a terrible difference unless you go monocolor team, but I haven’t doen that since halfway through week one. Now I shoot for 3 daily color troops but settle for 2 if I scout a really stupid RNG cheese defense team.

Yeah this is for polling about mono color teams as that is what gets the most points (by far) in guild wars. The second you add one non-color troop in the mix it becomes easy for any color so that kind of defeats the purpose of what we’re discussing. :slight_smile:

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The first week, every color was hard. Now it’s figured out. So we’re good.

So far this week we’ve got 910,025 in bracket 2. So I think the numbers bear out that we’re good on all colors.

None Of The Above

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Red for sure.

lol don’t count your chickens before they hatch. :wink:


Bracket 1 teams will be harder, so our score will go down, but we still have a good handle on everything.If we’re still at 850K in bracket one, I’ll be happy.

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There wasn’t a poll option for ‘They’re all horrible’?


Lol! Not that I saw. I should of added that as an option. :wink:

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I don’t think they are all horrible.

I actually think blue and purple have a pretty good base to choose from.