When to stop soul farming

So I’d class myself as ‘mid game’ at the minute, got all kingdoms to 2 star and a handful to 3. Been mainly soul farming with a bit of explore thrown in. According to ashtenders excellent database I still need 950,000 souls to max my current roster. I’ve seen a few comments from end game players that have no need for souls due to having all troops max and disenchanting multiple mythics.

I’m at the stage where I’m starting to ascend lower troops to legendary so still a fair way from disenchanting but I don’t want to regret hours of soul farming when I could have been getting trait stones with my speed team.

At what point would you recommend abandoning soul farming and just go for speed on stones using the handful of souls from that and disenchanting mythic level troops?

I don’t think I’ve phrased this well cos I’m half asleep so I hope it makes sense and I’ll elaborate if required.

What ever you have to do to get those kingdoms up to three stars. Double loot chance is huge.
With all my cities at least 3 stars, I can get a few thousand souls and hundreds of glory every day.

Personally I concentrated on souls until all my kingdoms were at 5 stars. I think that you will see a huge benefit from at least getting your magic and attack kingdoms to 5 stars.


Best time to stop soul farming is when you level up all your troops.


i stopped when all kingdoms reach 5 star, except for new kingdoms. other unused troops will eventually get leveled with soul from guild tasks and other non-farming way.

i NEVER recommend direct soul farming unless you are at first 1-50 levels and struggle to level up your main team (then go for arena)

instead i recommend putting soul generator in your pvp team and also playing fast explores (with the arcanes as a main aim) with a soul generator tagged along, the souls will just cumulate over time that way with the maximum of your gold/traitstone benefits :slight_smile:


Great question. I feel like I’m entering the mid-game stage too (all kingdoms level 3 except 2 newest ones) and was starting to wonder the same thing. I can totally understand the benefit of getting to level 5 as suggested by a couple posters, but I think my concern (and the OP’s) is wasting effort. Specifically, the wasted effort of targeting one resource (souls or traitstones) above the other so that you complete it 100% well before the other.

I’m a math guy, so to me this all boiled down to numbers. Using the awesome collection tool from @Lyya (available at http://ashtender.com/gems/collection/ ), I still need about 1.2 million souls and 2400 arcane traitstones. That means I need to get about 500 souls with every arcane traitstone in order to stay “even”. From what I’ve read on the forum, in explore mode you’ll get an arcane approximately every 25 matches, which means you need to get 20 souls per match. Obviously this is a very primitive estimate, since I’m ignoring a whole bunch of other stuff (like login bonuses, weekly glory packs, tribute, etc.), but I think it’s sufficient for a rough guess (although I’ll likely work out something more detailed after work :wink: ).

While the math is more objective, subjectively and anecdotally, I don’t think I’ve seen any posts on the forum about “traitstones completed but still need souls”, but there are numerous comments about having surplus souls.

So I think if you’re targeting efficiency and end-game, all the evidence seems to support @Annaerith 's recommendation of targeting traitstones but using a soul generating troop on your team. At least that’s what I’m going to do…


One thing to remember is those end-gamers you’re talking about either 1) play way more than you or 2) have been playing a lot longer than you or 3) both

Most gamers that play GoW will probably never reach end-game because the Devs keep adding content. So unless you can see yourself reaching level 1,000 in the next few months, don’t worry about it. Just play in whatever way gets you the most enjoyment. :slight_smile:

Edit: just for reference, I’m not a hardcore player, I’ve been playing for over 2 years, closing in on level 900 and I still need about 400,000 souls. However take that with a grain of salt since the first year of GoW was a much different game. :smile:

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Farm as long as you enjoy the process, pause or stop when you don’t.


I agree with Krudler. Do what you enjoy.

If you like Explore but want more traistones, use a soul farming team on Normal and go through them faster. You’ll get a lot of souls.

If you like Explore solely for the souls, use a soul farming team on a higher difficulty. The trait stones are just icing on the cake.

If you like PVP, do as Annaerith suggested and put a soul generator or two in your PVP team and get souls that way.

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Excellent analysis. In many ways, the base currency of this game not only is easy to accumulate, it’s damn hard to stop accumulating it. Just keep playing and targeting whatever seems fun at the time. The rest of it will come in time.

This is a really good point. If you aren’t playing enough to collect enough resources to upgrade everything that is introduced each week, on average, you’ll never make real progress toward completion.

@Yourmum: I’m a bit ahead of you - level 800+, have every non base-mythic troop (except for spring and summer imps), have over 200 troops ascended to mythic and most of my kingdoms at 5 stars, but according to Ashtender, still need over 350,000 souls. I don’t use a ‘pure’ soul farming team, but probably 75% of the time, I’m using a lineup that will at least boost souls by including Valkyrie or TDS (or occasionally a different troop like Wight or Avina if it suits a daily task). Thinking ahead, I can see that I don’t necessarily want to ‘overdo’ the soul collection, but I don’t feel like I’m at any risk of having too many souls in the foreseeable future. For yourself, I would say keep farming until you can see that you don’t need to anymore.

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I’ve found it quite interesting that people do soul farming. I’ve never been inclined to do this. When I was super early-game I would farm for treasure maps (this was pre-explore), but now I have almost 1000 that I’m not using, so.

To get souls I would just disenchant extra mythics. I know for some people that’s not something they like, or do, but that’s been my method. Tribute/Challenges/and Disenchant. Way easier and nice now they brought back the mass disenchant button. I would spend an hour sometimes disenchanting everyone by hand before that button came back.

I’m now level 1050+ and have 13 more troops to level, 9 of which are still level 1. But I’m not rushed or worried about it and frankly, never dedicated a team to farming. Nor did I really build a team with that skew in mind. I’ve just done all my challenges, gotten souls from tasks, and disenchanted.

EDIT: I should add that I’m one of those “unpopular” guys who would disenchant extra mythic troops down to 1 (not 4), including all base legendaries and mythics. Those are nice souls, so I’ve done that a lot. In the unlikely case that devs add another tier then yeah, I might be worse off than others who won’t/dont, but I’m willing to take that chance.

There are some troops that I know I want to have 2 or more copies of to field specific teams and I save those, but everyone else goes.

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I just can’t disenchant. I remember when they told us they didn’t think there would be anything about legendary and then boom…

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I just can’t believe they would do that twice; how could they possibly imagine troops that are more than Mythic? (They are literally using the gods of Krystara now). If they over go down that road, they’ve jumped the shark and I’m gone. In other words, I’m disenchanting with no reservations.

I’m on console - and I read different things about this ‘mass disenchant’. Is this the “one click” to disenchant all extra mythic cards, or is it just being able to quickly select the maximum number of copies so you don’t have to click the right arrow 100 times?

Well what if they introduce some other mechanic besides ascension that requires copies of troops? Given the relatively small amount of souls you get from disenchanting, I just don’t see how it’s worth it.

I’ve picked up hundreds of thousands of souls from disenchanting. Why would I leave all those resources sitting idle when I can convert them into tribute and bonus stats by powering up my kingdoms? If I ever feel like I’m getting close to the ‘soul wall’ I’ll probably stop, but that’s still on a distant horizon for me.

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Exactly. I disenchant without reservation. I don’t much anymore since I’m almost done with souls now, but when I would manually take my reserves from 4 to 1 I could get 4000-6000 souls in one go. And when I roll chests I get more and more and more. Everytime you mythic a troop that’s more souls for the pot so it just grows kind of like gold and glory intake.

@Stan this is the one click to dump extras, nothing to do with clicking the arrow x times.

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Just to be 100% clear, you mean that one click will dump all extras of ALL troops, not just the troop you’re looking at, right? (or is this still a fantasy?)

If that feature exists, then there is no way that they’ll ever punish players for using it by requiring more than 4 copies of a troop that is already mythic.

People used to complain about wearing out their mouse buttons and getting carpal tunnel syndrome from disenchanting all their extra troops. On console, I could always just hit left once and it would fill up to maximum, but we still have to go one troop at a time.

I got all of those things without ever disenchanting a single thing.

Why would you give up a potentially finite resource for one that is infinite?

You can always bank on them never doing anything with excess troops, just like the people did when they said that they were likely stopping at legendary. :astonished: