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Best farming team

Hi guys, i need an opinion about my progression in the game. I’m lvl 88, i got dragon armor and all kingdoms 5+, and i always used as my team comp Luther*, Valk***, Keeper of souls*, and Tyri* or Elwyn* (4600+ points).
Recently i noticed the huge amount of gold i need in order to improve my kingdom levels and help with guid tasks, so i started playing with Apothecary**, Alchemist**, Queen Mab* and Valk***, getting even an higher score (5000), and without needing the necro trait of the keeper cause i active valk so much i get the 94 souls cap. I never used my hero cause i don’t know what class use and level.
Is there a better way to farm gold and souls?

There is a hard cap on how much gold you can earn within each battle, so using Alchemist (or other bonus gold troops), doesn’t actually generate a lot of additional income. That bonus gold helps you reach the cap more quickly, but if you’re already using Valk or another troop that helps you generate lots of 4 and 5 matches, you’ll hit that cap anyway. Best way to farm gold is to get the best team that can reliably win in PVP, as quickly as possible. Looks like you’ve got the souls part figured out already!


so, what should i do from now on? change team with what? and should i focus on reach lvl 1 pvp every week or leveling the kingdoms?

Both. The former will help you achieve the latter. You should even keep fighting over tier 1 for more Gold.

I farm souls completing the arena there you do not need level and the cards come all balanced with the same level you just need to know how to work in choosing the skills to form a good team and at the end of 8 matches you win 500 souls 10 glory keys 1500 gold and 10 trophies ie you earn gold soul and even helps good guild each has an interesting way but at the moment I prefer the arena to be more balanced and in a fast way in 20 or 25 minutes you can complete an arena 8 victories.

i like doing arena, the problem is fights can be very long with base troops.
btw i wrote wrong, i mean better do quests or pvp?

@Cagna I would advise that if you still have unfinished quests you knock those out. Each one awards an epic troop which is definitely worth having.

But after that, if your goal is souls and gold then a good Valk team in PvP is the ONLY way to play.

Some suggestions:
Soothsayer/ Valk/ Crimson Bat/ Crimson Bat


Manticore/ Bone Dragon/ Valk/ Giant Spider
(this is a great counter to Mercy/Maw and it can stun troops with annoying match 4 traits, if you don’t have Bone Dragon, Keeper of Souls can be substituted)

Hope that helps! :wink:


i just got today bone dragon, lol!! btw my manticore is just ultra rare, didn’t get it so much to do ascension… i don’t have a single crimson bat btw


Don’t worry the bats will come eventually.

Focus on traiting Manticore, dont worry about ascension, again that will come with time.

You want Manticore’s third trait, Empowered.

Manticore***/ Bone Dragon/ Valk/Giant Spider

The asterisks (*) indicate which traits you must have in order for it to work at its best. All 3 manticore traits so you can fire off an empowered drain and stop an empowered mercy. Manticore is a bit squishy, (easy to kill) despite his Impervious trait, but don’t worry about letting him die because your giant spider is going to spawn Spider Swarms to fill that top spot in a pinch. Which reminds me, spend some souls and level up your Spider Swarm. You will summon one at whatever level you have him at.

Any other traits on the other troops are just icing on the cake, like Valk’s necromancy. :wink:

Happy Hunting!!

thanks a lot :wink:

No Problem! Glad to help!