Stealing all the golds

So what do you guys think is an optimal gold team?

Right now building lanceknight(1st spot, can get tanky sickly fast) elwynn, alchemist and tyri (can always use maps and she also gains gold)

Not using finley cause hes shite compared to alchemist, and elwynn is alot more useful with his extra gold per combo(and as a yellows eater aswell to actually win the match).


An “optimal” gold team is whatever wins you PvP matches most efficiently and reliably. Compared to PvP gold, what you get in a match is trivial (and capped so low it doesn’t even pay to stack generators).


what is the console cap and what is the most effective way to reach it, am i right to use alchemist+elwyn+tyri? could i do just removing tyri and putting in a pure green summoner like green seer?

Gold cap is 110, modified by your armor, difficulty, and VIP levels. With a maxed Alchemist, you’ll come close enough via normal gameplay. That said, I’d only do that if your Alchemist team is fast at winning. Otherwise, like I said, a more efficient PvP team will run circles around the money you’d make by stalling for gold in-match.

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elwynn is very effective taking out troops after alchemist used his stuff, anyway most ive gotten is 201 gold a match, dunno if thats the top max i can get? (wearing dragon armor) Will upping difficulty raise that bar?

Raising difficulty raises the gold multiplier.

It might be your max – you can tell by looking at your “Gold” multiplier on the world map. Take 110 and multiply it by that number and that’s your cap per battle.

Yes, upping difficulty will raise that bar, as it will raise the aforementioned multiplier.

awesome, so ill have to make my team effectiver at tackling higher diffs hmm… any thoughts anyone? what gold team do you guys use?

I use 2 good teams:




They are both pretty fast at winning, which is the best way to get gold. They also both have valk, which is great for getting souls!

Console here. No Mab.

this is the console gameplay chat mate, also im looking for gold-teams not for win teams in itself, i already have one of those and they get alot less gold than the 201 i got on normal with my gold team while i play on warlord 2 with my win team.

I’m on the console and, what Lyya wrote is the way.

  1. Take your Alchemist (with the first trait unlocked) into PvP
  2. Repeatedly use the ‘Try Another’ button until the rewards are at least 600+. (preferably over 1,000+)
  3. Win

Another great team is:


This is the classic control deck, but should cap you on gold and souls in every fight.

The top unit can be one of many different choices, the most popular being:

Anointed One

allowing you to not only reach the caps but also win in a reasonable amount of time. I am assuming you do not have some kind of armor that enhances gold gains, because once you have do, winning is still considerably faster then using a gold grind team.

Serpent,serpent,valk,valk. Gives max souls and gold however i recommend it be fully traited for max efficiency and also if you are not careful it is kinda luck based as to if you can net the extra turn with serpent.

Build a team to “farm” Gold is unnecessary. Just pick opponents with high Gold rewards in PvP.

Alternative to a Troop that gives Gold is to use a team that makes a lot of 4/5-matches. I hit the cap using Bone Dragon and Sheggra on the same team

i dont play that much pvp

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I’ve had the “win 40 invasion” task sitting on my characters since the update. I’ve done 4.

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great minds think alike :heart_eyes:

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Oh, well that explains it. PVP is the best place to get gold.


Give PvP a go!

Use the 50 Gold “Scout” button, and “Try Another” if you think the team looks too hard to defeat.

PS its not really PvP its more like PvE with player created teams.

EDIT: I was just trying a new team with Crimson Bat and one of the wins awarded me with 5,555 Gold. All the games were over 1,500. Definitely not the highest, but much better than Story Battles (and I wasn’t using any Troops that boost Gold).

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