Hero Level 500, now what?

I started playing in May and am currently level 532. I’m looking for advice on what I should prioritize next.

Quick Background
Every Monday I complete my 1500 seals and hit tier 1 in PVP
All kingdoms are level 10 and power level 2.
3 magic kingdoms are power level 5
I used the soul forge to craft Dragon Soul and use him in a soul farming team to slowly complete the challenges in each kingdom
I have a class leveling team with Sunbird, Fire Bomb x2, hero that I use for traitstone farming
All 11 delves are quality level 3 and I’m using the newest one as a farming delve (still at level 20, always quit the battle before the last room)
I have all 4 troops on the half of the delves, but very few are ascended.

Most days, once I complete all of the daily chores, I alternate between explore and challenges until I get bored.

I’ve read a bit about the PVP matching challenges as you get more powerful, but am confused if that is primarily driven by a strong guild or high kingdom power levels. With the guild I’m in, I don’t need to worry about it giving me much.

Should I focus on traitstones and if so, do I focus on the troops I use a lot, or kingdom specific?

Should I mostly focus on souls? I have over 200,000 so that I can quickly deal with new chores from the devs, but don’t feel very motivated to go after Dawnbringer. Should I be or is there enough other obtainable good weapons to make this a lower priority?

Is there some other priority that I’m missing?

I’d suggest getting the Magic Kingdoms up to Level 10 to get the bonus as Magic contributes to so much whether it’s damage or other advantages.

Once you’ve done that, go for the ones that boost Life, Armour and Attack last (it’s actually the least useful IMO)

Always do the Dungeons and it’s well worth paying for the Gem Bounty for the 20 extra Diamonds, because it’s much quicker to craft Mythics in the Soulforge than hope they turn up in Chests.

By the sound of it, if you’re not in a Guild that completes all the standard tasks each week, you’d do well to join a new one.

Use Traitstones wherever possible to advance your most useful Troops, don’t use Orbs unless you’re desperate to get one to Mythic or complete a trait that requires loads of Acane Traistones that would take ages to farm.

Dawnbringer is a long term target and probably isn’t worth going for at your stage of the mid-game. Wait unti you get (or craft) Pharos Ra.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the input

Regarding kingdoms, are you talking level 10 (costs gold) or power level 10? If you mean regular level, I do have all of them there. Power level 10, well that will take a long time.

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Sorry, yes I meant Power Level 10 for the Magic Kingdoms. The others are a long term goal and, frankly, not that critical until you get towards End Game.

You need to find the best guild that will take you.

When you have 29 other friendly guild mates contributing…,

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Ok, what is the best way to find another guild? Is it through these forums or some other method?


I play on Xbox, but this player @Elroy might be a good addition to the intrim family.

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You only have to retreat the boss in the delve event to prevent your delve level from raising.

It works like this:
Your level selections for a delve outside an event depend on the highest level ever beaten there, event or not, but the delve event always only gives you the “next one up” when you complete the last one. Non-event delves offer you “the highest one you’ve beaten (1.0 mod)”, “the next one up (2.0 mod)”, and “the one below the highest you’ve beaten (0.5 mod)”. If your highest beaten is nothing yet, you can start with level 20 at a 2.0 modifier outside of the event… but skipping out on the boss costs you a +0.25 modifier and a 100% chest level upgrade. If you have low hoard quality, the amount of loot would run about even by beating the boss with 1.0 mod start vs retreating the boss at 2.0 mod start (4-6 drops at ~3.25 mod vs 3-5 drops at ~4.0 mod in a good delve). However, if you get this faction to hoard quality 10, you get an additional three chest levels for beating the boss (in addition to the other loot modifiers), making this faction much more profitable for farming if you kill the boss rather than skip (7-9 drops at ~3.25 mod vs 3-5 drops at 4.0 mod) . I recommend setting up Silver Necropolis for this, where you can just Leprechaun into damage most of the time for quick battles and there are good treasure rooms.

So, rules for farming delve:

  • Get a faction you want to farm to hoard quality 10, or as high as current resources allow, as your highest priority
  • Do full clears and beat the level 20 boss every time you enter for the consistently best drops at the fastest times possible
  • Never take the level 30 battle option. If you do by mistake, never beat the level 30 boss, as then your highest delve beaten would be 30, and the levels offered would change.
  • If this faction comes up in an event, it is safest to ignore it. If you trust yourself not to make a costly mistake by autopiloting, you can safely beat the level 20 boss once without leveling your delve (you have many, many times already by this point, your highest level beaten will still be 20, and your choices outside the event will not change ) but that event will throw you into a level 30 delve afterward. You can either do full clear/retreat boss runs for all your sigils at level 20 and kill the level 20 boss on your last sigil; or full clear/kill boss once at 20 on your first sigil then full clear/retreat level 30 boss for a bit more event points (still not much, but you can usually grab a few rewards without putting in gems, but reward 8 is a lost cause doing this and not worth it). Never beat the level 30 boss if you want this delve to remain at level 20.
  • Never beat the level 30 boss.

Thanks for the information.

I read about farming too late in the process to farm any of the other delves besides the newest one. I’ve beaten all other at least level 40, with 8/10 above that. So that leaves me only with Stonesong Eyrie in a farmable situation. Just upgrade the quality from 3 to 4 and will start beating the boss room when my delves reset.

I was also sloppy early on about how I improved the delves by not paying attention to quality the first few times. I’m trying to be methodical and careful about that now.

This is the clearest explanation I’ve seen on this, thanks.

@elroy in a real guild now.

So for all you newbs out there at level 500 (or higher or lower) , join a real guild!

Post your invite code here: surely you’ll receive few invites and can decide which to join from the pool

Do not forget about Dungeon and diamonds. It’s evident, I just didn’t see it in the first post.

Fair point. I consider the dungeon part of the daily chores.

By this time, you’re leaving the baby stage of the game and you start the long term stage.

Dawnbringer, zhuul, power level 10-16+ on all kingdoms, quality level 10 on all hoards, finishing the level 500 delve runs on all delves (except the farming one).

That’s what your goals will slowly turn in.

Hit level 720 today and accomplished one of my minor goals thanks to the farming delve optimization information from @Mithran

I got Sledgepaw, the Dark Pits Legendary, which was the last delve troop I was missing. Now I can work on opening portals in other delves to ascend the cards I like to use.

Other updates

  • Being in a good guild really does help (even if like me, you hate guild wars because you don’t have enough high quality troops)
  • All 12 delves are now at least quality level 4, with two of them at 10, and one other at 7
  • I’m able to use my farming delve to work through the classes and earn the 250 in each of them for the weapons. My hero is in the last spot and never has to do anything so I might as well get the easy victories and “free” class xp
  • Managed to get all Magic kingdoms to Power Level 5. Now working through the next set of tasks for 6 through 9. My luck is pretty awful, so 10 will take a long time to achieve with needing to craft mythics in the soul forge and therefore waiting on diamonds.
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