Soul farming on PS4

I’ve looked up the threads about soul farming and I know this is a “beat a dead horse” topic but I’m still learning about this game so I apologize if this is a repeated topic. I’m confused how soul farming works. What I understand is I need to build a team but do I need 4 “soul farming” characters? May I use my hero also? What is the best team to get max souls per battle? I have the dragon armor but only getting 8 souls per battle now since I don’t use soul farming characters. Again sorry if this is repeat and thank you for the help!!

There are a variety of ways to approach this, but the key thing is that you first want to get one troop into a team that you’re using that ‘generates’ additional souls. Examples of this are Valkyrie, Wight, Banshee, Avina and The Dragon Soul. These troops will increase the number of souls that the multiplier applies to. Individual results will vary, based on the level and magic rating of the troop. If you have the Dragon Soul, he always gives 15 additional souls per cast, so if you win a battle against 4 troops and cast his spell once, you’ll now get 15 + 4 souls, then multiplied by 2 for a total of 38, instead of the 8 that you’re currently getting. If you cast twice, you’re now getting 34 x 2 for 68. You’re normally capped at 40 souls per battle, so a 3rd cast would get you up to the limit of 40, for a total of 80 after multipliers.

The other thing you can do is add one or more troops with the Necromancy trait. Each one will increase the both the number of souls gained AND the soul cap. So if you had a team with TDS plus a second troop with Necromancy, the soul cap would increase to 60 and each cast of TDS would give you 22 souls. Any additional troops with Necromancy are addititve (so they will increase the cap by 20 and the multiplier by 50%).

If you’re doing something other than PVP, you can also use the difficulty settings to further increase the number of souls you get per battle.

Some people really go all-in trying to maximize the bonuses, while others try to balance soul-farming with other game objectives. Personally, I try to have one soul generator in my ‘general purpose’ teams, but I don’t go crazy trying to stack up necromancy bonuses. If I’m battling hard PVP opponents, using a “soul farming” team is likely to get me into trouble. Most of the time, I’d rather use a wider range of troops and let the souls fall where they may. Once you understand the mechanics, you can see what works for you.


Soul farming requires a troop that garners souls upon casting their spell, Valkyrie is a personal favorite. :wink:
And one or more troops that have the necromancy trait which increases maximum souls gained per battle.

A very old, standard soul farm team is:

(Blue Tank/Dmg Dealer)

This allows you to control the board and continue to fill banshee and Valk who keep garnering souls. Valk also fills the Blue Dmg Dealer, who ultimately wins you the game. Behemoth is a favorite if in the first slot, I also like Rowanne in the last slot. But you can play around with that at your leisure.

You can also check out this thread and might find some good ideas there:


Try this set-up & see how it works for you.

Flesh Golem (tank & necromancy purposes)
Wight (soul generator)
Acolyte (necromancy purposes)
Kerberos (necromancy purposes & to summon Wargs when one of the troops gets killed)

It raised the soul cap limit from 40 to 100 using 3 necromancy troops & a soul-generator, this set-up works great for me.

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So far the most effective early-mid-late game soulfarm team is Valkyrie, warlock, warlock, warlock. warlocks need their 2nd trait unlocked obviously.


A good early team is warlock, giant spider, warg, warlock.
You need the necromancy traits unlocked, but once you level those guys up some, you should be able to do quests/challenges on warlord II.

The warg gets super strong once your souls are filled up, and with 2 necromancy, he generates 20 souls per cast.

I’ve got an excess of 40K souls from this combo:

Dragons Soul
Keeper of Souls x3

It kills pretty quickly, so I used it for farming traits stones in the process.