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When did you get your first Mythic?

I’m a new player still, so I’m not griping really. But I’m at Level 216, and I’ve accomplished a ‘fair’ amount so far without obtaining a single Mythic.

So I’m just curious … about what level were you when you got your first Mythic? How did you get it? Are there any tips for trying to get my first one?


Been playing for long enough that I honestly don’t remember which was my first anymore, but it was one of the original ones at its release week.

Tips to getting one? To get a new one, stockpile every glory/gem/VIP key you get and every guild seal, and only use them on a new Mythic’s release week (and for the seals, only at 40k). To get an old one, diligently farm Dungeons every day to collect diamonds, and wait for your Mythic of choice to rotate into the Soulforge.

For frame of reference as to their rarity: before you could Soulforge them, some unluckier people might have been level 1000+ before pulling their first Mythic from a chest.

Wooooooww … that’s crazy … guess I should start crafting. But which to make? There are so many choices!!!

Priorities should be Weaver, Infernus, Megavore, not necessarily in that order.

(I forgot to answer the actual first question as in the thread title while trying to be helpful - my first mythic was the first mythic, the original: War, on its debue week. /shrug)

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TpK too even tho you only want the trait ;p

And i was 1k+ when got my first (actually when i crafted my first, Infernus ;p) but tbh i kinda wasted some months when i started play.

TpK? Megavore?

Am I missing something? I can’t find these Mythics anywhere (and I’m looking with Show All on).

TpK=The Possessed King

I was well past level 1000 before l got my first mythic. I spent 50 event keys during the week of Broken Spire and was lucky enough to pull Infernus

You need to unlock every kingdom first , just complete the first part of quest/ campaign battles . Doing so you’ll receive troops from every unlocked kingdom . Then look for kingdom with forge in it . Upgrade forge until mythic troops are available to craft . There’s alot to it . Chest’s rewards are gonna be your best bet . Play dungeon daily too . It takes along time , unless you are really active ,daily . Good Luck hopefully information helps , :turtle:man

I was level 1020 when I pulled my first two from chests at the same time, Gargantaur and Abynissia. Neither has ever been useful. By that time I had already crafted Infernus and Ubastet.

My wife actually started playing 3 months after me and had pulled a mythic from a chest before I did (she was around level 400).

Ubastet has since been nerfed (still good but not the best) but Infernus is still one of the best.

As for what mythic to craft first, I would probably go Megavore (it just has so many ways to kill), then Infernus/Ketras, then Irongut (especially if you’re into delves). Pharos-Ra is great for soulfarming (bump him up to first if you are hurting for souls).


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I received a Mythic troop from glory chest at player level 500 . With keys of any kind , its all about the odds . Its so random . Numbers game it is . Higher the numbers , the better the odds are ! also keep in mind how long mythic troops have been around,versus how long a person has been playing , before Mythic showed up for them . I have seen players at level 30 receive Mythic troop ON GLOBAL HIGHLIGHT of mythic received . Its all chance !

I have already unlocked the Forge, and leveled it up to Lvl10. I can craft Mythics … I was partly wondering if it was worth it, or if there are tricks to getting them easier.

Beyond that though, I still don’t even see The Possessed King and Megavore listed on the troops list. Does the Troops list only show Troops I’ve encountered? So do I have to complete all of the kingdoms before I’ll get a full list?

The troops change weekly in forge .

Go into troops screen ,look for not owned , then show all .

Are you playing on switch? If so, not all troops are available yet :+1:t2:

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Ok i’m out , be back later , tater !

Ahh … I am playing on Switch. I’ll just have to keep an eye out for things.

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If memory serves, nine months after I created my account, I was at Hero Level 36 when I got my first Mythic, Elemaugrim, to drop whilst opening glory chests, one by one.

And, as pleasing as that particular moment was, it wasn’t the most exhilarated I’ve been in relation to Mythic drops.

Two separate occasions hold that distinction: the first being an eleventh hour pull of Ubastet, where a few hours before exclusivity ended, and short on keys and resources, I scrambled through Treasure Hunt to acquire gem and glory keys for last chances at the Mythic. Got it off of a six glory key reward from vault creation, as memory serves.

The second moment of fleeting jubilation was experienced during a Broken Spire event week, when Infernus dropped for me at a cost of 2,025 gems (three bundles of fifty event chests @675 gems/ea.)

Oh, and btw, a little background, I would be that player who only plays Treasure Hunt… you know, the one solo F2Player with seventeen base rarity Mythic troops at Hero Level 37. :upside_down_face:

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Tbh I can play any game and I will get most of not all the end game card/weapons ect within 5-12 MONTHS this is the only game were you can spend 3years and you’ll have only 1 or 3 mythics. I understand it’s end game troops not supposed to be easy to acquire Bla Bla Bla but we get new mythic nearly every month it’s not like these 10 or 15!(the mythical) are the sole end game troops or added new end game troops and implement new methods or add new resources. Personally I feel like the dev don’t won’t to leave that Mobile gaming mentality and grow on console and pc. That’s my opinion (FYI 2years on console and only 2 Mythic Both crafted soulforge and all my legendary are mythical from getting duplicates)

I think I was probably level 1,000+

My first Mythic was either Xathenos (crafting) or Death (guild seal). The odds seem to have gotten a little worse over time (i think you used to be able to get Mythic in gold chests, added traitstones, added ingots). The mythic odds in this game are ridiculous (estimated from Taran’s World, feel free to correct me if i’m wrong)…

  • Glory - 1 in 10,000
  • Gems - 9 in 10,000
  • Event - 1 in 1,000
  • VIP - 9 in 1,000
  • Guild - 1 in 10,000 (@ 20k guild seals)

odds for me specifically (if it weren’t for bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all) multiply by 100.

I’m level 696 and still haven’t pulled a mythic . My husband is level 290 and has pulled 3 mythics.