Level 1050 and NO Mythic UPDATE post 38

I reached level 1050 yesterday (YAY!) but have yet to pull a Mythic from a chest. Is this normal? I find it odd that a player can be 600 levels lower than me and already have several. I know it’s by chance, but so tired of the disappointment opening chests now. Still love the game!

When did you get your first Mythic?

It’s best to hunt for mythics when they are first introduced. That week they are the only mythic in certain chests. So, you have a better chance of one dropping. Outside of that exclusive week, it is pretty hard to drop a specific mythic. [You can also target a specific mythic in event chests during its kingdom’s event week.]

All that said, mythics have a very, very low drop rate. So, your situation isn’t that uncommon if you aren’t targeting exclusive weeks.

I’ve read anecdotes of this happening to multiple people, so it’s definitely not unheard of. For some perspective, Mythics drop from glory chests at a rate of 0.01% and from gem chests at 0.1%… so that’s a lot of keys to use to have a decent chance.

The best way to guarantee a Mythic with time is to do the dungeon battles daily to earn diamonds. (Also, the 50-gem dungeon offer, especially on Sundays, is good if you can afford it – if not, some Treasure Hunts will make up the difference if you have time to do them.) Once you have 4,000 diamonds, you can craft a Mythic in the Soulforge; a selection of 4 per week is available, and they cycle through so that all of them will be available with time.

(To answer your last question, I got my first Mythic around level 200: Ubastet from glory chests.)

I’d be one of those anecdotes. I have 2 level 1200+ accounts that were in the same boat at level 1000. It’s really a function of how many keys you get, guild chest upgrades, and seals. If a level 200 is in a guild that gets everything done, maybe even several legendary tasks, and 40k guild chests every week, their chance is far better than someone at level 1400 who is playing solo.

The guild my first account was in until breaking level 1000 only finished purple and red tasks and never broke 20k seals. The second account i got to level 1000 in 3 weeks (not enough time to get a good number of keys). Since Level progress doesn’t change anything about drop rates, it’s a matter of bad luck, bad guild, or both

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It’s important to remember you only see the players who get Mythics when opening chests. You don’t see the 9,999 just like you that don’t regardless of their level. RNG doesn’t care what level you are. Only cares about how many resources you have to chase for what you want.
From my personal perspective. Mythics have been a lot harder to get since they started sharing the drop rate. My main has spent way more than usual resources to get the last 2 mythics. And my alts have had zero success finding one since the change. But any complaints or issues will always just be chalked up to “bad luck” in these situations.

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Just to clarify a common misconception, you do not have a better chance of pulling a mythic during the week of a mythic release. It only means that if you DO happen to pull a mythic, it will be the new one. This means that for someone without (m)any mythics it is often better to open chests during an off week so that you have some chance at getting one of the really good ones.

Anyhow getting back to the OP, I think you should have many mythics by now. Are you in a guild that completes all of the tasks every week and also gets 40,000 seals? Are you using your gems to open gem chests instead of buying sigils? Are you using all of your gem, glory and guild keys? Waiting until the guild has 40,000 seals dramatically improves chances of pulling a mythic with guild keys.


I’m sure this has been answered before somewhere, but do guild chests work as follows:

20k seals = glory chest,

40k seals = gem chest?

It doesn’t matter :mask:
OP and a lot players that don’t have time for this forum are on edge of quitting as this game has the most ridiculous (crooked) bad RNG system of any game.
You got more chances hitting the lottery that getting every existing mythic.
(We did speak about this atrocity before and we are still urging them to make the RNG scalable but unfortunately the community is salty and not a lot of support whet someone bring up the issue) :+1:

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I came here to add something, but @Griswald said above all that was needed to be said.

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I got my 1st Mythic at level 950 and my second at level 1100. Now most mythics I have, I crafted. VIP keys have the best drop rates. If you use 100 VIP keys (about 5000 gems) you’ll have a very high probability of pulling one.

That’s approximately correct and a decent proxy. You can actually see the odds for each type of chest now - e.g., chance for a mythic from glory chests is 0.01%, while it is 0.02% from 20k deal chests.


Thank you all for your responses!
To answer some questions: I am not in a great guild and we haven’t reached 40k seals ever. I stay in it for several reasons, one being my hubby is in it. I realize my choice to stay (for now) is hindering my progress.
I do not use gems to open chests, just keys. I play the dungeon every day and usually buy the gem bounty. I have enough diamonds to craft a mythic, it’s just overwhelming trying to figure out which one to craft first. Open to suggestions!
I also realize that my level doesn’t mean anything to the game, I just thought I’d have at least one by now.
I still don’t know if I should hoard keys (wait for new mythic release) or use them as I receive them, I’ve tried both.

I did not want my post to come off as complaining, as that was not my intention. I was curious if my situation was normal. I only have my hubby’s account to compare, he is level 402 with 4 or 5 mythics already.

I have some really great troops, but am still missing some awesome legendaries. The troops I have now can’t be improved upon and I need some stronger troops to be able to progress further in events such as the raid boss. Being a late-gamer, I am missing some powerful weapons too, paired with no real mythics, I am taking a beating! I have ascended a few troops, but those precious orbs are hard to come by and I am very selective in who I ascend.

High King Irongut is your high-level delve superstar. The Wild Queen is a roll-of-the-dice game changer that can make you win or lose fast. The Possessed King makes every converter deck faster and better. Megavore can be a game-changer with his trait and armor removal. Obsidius’s stun and mana generation are very useful.

I like a lot of mythic troops…


I strongly recommend you and your hubby find a great guild. There are a lot of them who are recruiting. (I’m in the Sons guild family with several guilds to choose from- you can message me if interested.) I am roughly your level - 1150 or so, and I have 34 mythics. This is 100% due to being in a good guild.


What griswald said. A good guild is absolutely essential to playing this game!

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I’ve got every mythic so why haven’t I won on the lottery, I feel robbed :-1:


It’s way different when you’ve been playing for several years. :stuck_out_tongue: You never had to “catch up” and collect old Mythics, which makes it nearly impossible for new players to collect all of them without spending money.

Ill just repeat what others said because difference is beyond what you imagine. Join a guild that does 10+ legendary tasks a week. If you dont get a mythic withing 2 months with being in such guild, erase the game.

Thank you all for your suggestions and input! I believe I am going to take @Griswald up on the offer and try out a new guild. My hubby is about to quit the game, so there is no use of me staying in my current one.

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What platform do you use to play the game? We have room at The Unforgiven if you play on Xbox, and at least 3 out of the 4 main guilds get Legendary Tasks every week!

Good luck on your search, regardless :slight_smile: