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Mythic advice - Which one to get first?


I am having an issue deciding which remaining Mythic troop should I get first.

I have only the remaining three options in mind - Death, Plague, War.

You’re likely to get three different answers :joy: , but personally I’d go with War if it were me.


Which kingdom are you missing the Mythic troop for upgrading power level? That would be my choice. Otherwise, those 3 are meh.

Well, those troops are not based on any Kingdoms, but they are labeled as the Apocalypse troops.

Another issue is that you can’t get them from Event Keys because of it.

I would go with War.


Ah, thanks for the correction, Koromac.

None. (10 chars)

Plague or War. But only if you have 8k+ diamonds, so you can craft any future mythic you might miss :+1:


whichever comes first into rotation. you just momentarily scratch that completionist itch since you’ll never use any of them :stuck_out_tongue:

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Technically War can be good… pair it with like Earth’s Fury or something and you’ll do a lot of damage and if it lands the kill, get an extra turn.

Death, well… it has Necromancy and a boost ratio based off life (2:1). Its still probably easier to use Bul’Taros though.

Plague… it has Impervious? It’ll probably never be buffed since one time people hated it in a double Humility defense.

War is your best bet here, unless you fight a lot of TPK, in which case I’d get Plague


He stated that’s not a current option.

fair enough

Not to mention War has a 50% mana start with Sir Quentin. I don’t think it’s a reach to say War is now the best Apocalypse Mythic (it’s between him and Xathenos, who is overpriced).

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I have only over 5k Diamonds so far, so I’ll probably wait until War gets around again.

Thank you for the input. I could get Plague right now in the Soulforge, but I don’t find it feasible in
Ranked or Casual PvP or the Guild Wars with any given setups for Plague or Death.

How close are you to Zuul, because those three Apocalypse troops are useless since they don’t have a home kingdom. Skip’em

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Sadly, I am far far away from getting the Zuul’Goth troop any time soon.

Also, I already have the Famine troop, but I rarely used it in any battles.

Oh man, I’m trying to save up for Zuul also. Hey, have you been using your ascension orbs? The amount of the wisdom orbs compared to the amount of ascension orbs you have seems really out of whack.

Yes, I used some of them, but not sure how many.
Even so, they are the hardest to get now.

Hey, I’m sure they’re worth using. I just want Zuul because he looks cool and and I’m ocd like that. My post was not meant to call you out or anything. Sorry if it seemed that way.

Zuul is also really useful. Literally blasts through any Level 12 Explore or PVP fight, and can be a devastating tool in Guild Wars, both offensively and defensively.

I’m probably one of the few hoping 5.0 has some sort of Zuul2.

Afraid to use any ascension orbs in the meantime, even though I know it’s likely any Zuul2 wouldn’t be made with Chaos Orbs anyway :joy: