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Favorite Mythic troop

Out of all mythic troops we have, which one do you like using the most and why?

  • War
  • Famine
  • Plague
  • Death
  • Drakkulis

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Unable to vote, still don’t have any mythics, after many vip, event, gem and glory keys…


And honestly I only have two Mythic troops, Death and Plague, still trying to get my hands on the other 3 mythic troops.

Khorvash 4ever

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Because I don’t have any of the others. I rarely use Drakkulis as well.

I haven’t got any either. My girlfriend has Draakulis, death (x2) and war.
Out of those death wins imo.
Playing against them, famine is a bloody nuisance.

Why does your poll allow up to five votes when there are only five options?

i dont like using any of it:

  • war i dont have
  • famine i plainly dislike, i dislike mana drain mechanic as something purely prolonging the fight and by the time i would charge famine up it will deal not much damage and/or dont need to drain the mana
  • plague feels too rng based
  • death ive tried to use in explore for the necromancy but turned out too slow
  • draakulis - if i had to vote then this is what i was using most of all of the listed mythic, for a brief period i actually had fun with it used as a little more tanky bat with extra magic buffed via team, yet not much enough for me to feel like voting
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