What are your favorite troops?


hello everyone, I know that Queen Mab is in the spotlight now but I would like to know: what are your favorite troops?



Mythic: Dont have
Legendary: Queen Mab
Epic: Sunweaver
Ultra-Rare: Herdmaster
Rare: Valkyrie/Alchemist
Common: Skeleton


Mythic: War
Legendary: Shadow Dragon
Epic: Emperina
Ultra-Rare: Spirit Fox
Rare: Valkyire
Common: Rock Worm


Mythic: Surely not one of the four horsemen. I’m going to wait for the Eternals
Legendary: Sheggra
Epic: Mercy, I guess. Or maybe Rowanne. Or Terraxis. It’s so hard to choose, there are too many of them…
Ultra-Rare: Druid
Rare: Star Gazer
Common: Fortress Gate


Mythic: Famine (don’t have)
Legendary: Orion
Epic: Luther
Ultra-Rare: Druid
Rare: Alchemist
Common: Wraith


Mythic: War (dont have)
Legendary: Queen Mab (dh) and Crimson Bat
Epic: Marilith, Rowanne
Ultra-Rare: Rakshanin, Spirit Fox
Rare: Valkyrie
Common: Serpent


Mythic: Of the ones that exist, famine i guess.
Legendary: Jarl & Mab (Moloch because of 3rd trait)
Epic: Green Slime
Ultra-Rare: Knight Coronet
Rare: Valkyrie of course
Common: Goblin


Mythic: War
Legendary: Great Maw
Epic: Shadow-Hunter
Ultra-Rare: Rakshanin
Rare: Valkyire
Common: Rock Worm


Mythic: War(although only thematically)
Legendary: Great Maw/Crimson Bat/Mab can’t choose!
Epic: Luther(purely because he was awesome in the quests)
Ultra-Rare: Knight Coronet
Rare: Valkyire
Common: Ogre!


Mythic: War
Legendary: Behemoth
Epic: Shadow Hunter
Ultra-Rare: Goblin Rocket
Rare: Soothsayer
Common: Goblin


Mythic: War
Legendary: Crimson Bat
Epic: Shadow Hunter
Ultra-Rare: Knight Coronet
Rare: Valkyrie
Common: Golem


Mythic: Famine
Legendary: Either Jarl or Mab
Epic: Mah-Mah-Mah-Mercy!
Ultra-Rare: Giant Spider
Rare: Valkyrie
Common: Serpent

…hot damn, looking at the above makes me realize how infatuated I am with control decks…


I have Jarl, and i cant see its power.
I try some teams with Jarl, but, no one surprise me.

PS: Sorry by my poor english


Mythic: Consoles don’t have
Legendary: Gorgotha
Epic: Shadow-Hunter
Ultra-Rare: Knight Coronet
Rare: Valkyrie
Common: Golem

EDIT: I look after and @Ashasekayi and I have similar tastes lol


Mythic : War
Legendary : Queen Mab
Epic : Mercy
Ultra Rare : Naga Queen
Rare : I play Valkyrie the most, but do I like her or do I hate her? I can’t say.
Common : Golem


I actually thought about saying Gorgotha. :smile_cat: I just haven’t had a chance to use him much since I don’t have his third trait yet.


Consoles will finally get Arcane Mountains in 2 weeks, but I’ve used Gorgotha as a mana generator this whole time. Granite Skin is just a bonus


Mythic: I’d be a fan of Famine if I could ever pull one
Legendary: Sheggra, 'cause I love one-shotting almost anything
Epic: Mercy, 'cause status effects suck
Ultra-Rare: Knight Coronet, 'cause tanky
Rare: Valkyrie, 'cause souls
Common: tie, Rock Worm/Goblin, 'cause spammy


Mythic: War
Legendary: Jarl/Mab
Epic: Green Seer
Ultra Rare: Giant Spider/Goblin Rocket
Rare: Boar Rider/Valkyrie
Common: Goblin

Weapon: Cresendo


Legendary: the imps… i love them all, i gotta catch them all!
Epic: shadow hunter
Ultra-rare: hobgoblin or chimera
rare: either gob shaman or jackalope (i love the noise)
common: rock worm
Weapon: Manacles