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"Worst" Mythic? [poll]

Prompted by this other thread, I decided to make a poll to see what people think is the worst mythic. For this purpose, “worst” means “least deserving of mythic status”. Vote for up to three, and feel free to explain your decision in a comment.

  • Wulfgarok
  • Draakulis
  • Queen Aurora
  • Doomclaw
  • The Worldbreaker
  • Gargantaur
  • Euryali
  • Stonehammer
  • Scorpius
  • Xathenos

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Not every Mythic troop appears in this list. I arbitrarily removed a bunch, which I decided nobody would consider “worst”. If you want to vote for something not on the list, I’m curious to hear why.


You know, until recently Plague would have been on the list.

…Draakulis? How did it end up there?


I didn’t think anyone would vote for Wulfgarok or Draakulis, but I got bored of deleting Mythic troops. (Likewise, I’ll be surprised if anyone votes for Aurora.)

And yeah, Plague would have been on this list before the Humility+Anariel+Plague team started going around.

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If everyone votes on 3 troops we will get a bigger picture of who the 2nd and 3rd worst Mythic will most likely be.


Xathenos in my opinion has to be the worst. Look at how many resources you need to craft him and he gives very little back for it.


To clarify, I voted GargaBoy not because he sucks - even if he does so, mightily, and is ill-equipped for the fast pace the game has nowadays - but because he doesn’t fulfill the Mythic narrative.
For exemple, Wulfgarok isn’t better but he is the Wargare Mythic and has a reason to be with Wargare teams. He’s a good reason to put together a Wargare team.
On the other hand Garga is no better when he’s in a Orc team, has no bonus with Orc teams and in fact he’s as useful to Orcs as an hole in the head.

What’s fun is that all three are old troops. No one of them was deemed very good when they were new.


To be honest, I’m a bit disappointed more people aren’t voting for three troops. I would have enjoyed the extra information.

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If everyone just read the OP. :stuck_out_tongue:

My thoughts exactly.

Also, I see Stonehammer is high on the list. Personally, I think he’s a good troop, just had a bad color combo. Using him in first slot as he is kind of screws some really good troops, especially his fellow dwarves.

My big issue with the Orc Mythic is what someone else said: pairing him with his fellow Orcs is pointless and that shouldn’t be the case. That would be like making Elma worthless with other dragons, it’s just a ridiculous idea. But, yet, here we are with an Orc Mythic that does really pair with Orcs. Gotta love this game sometimes. Pfft.

I only chose gargantuar as he is basically a glorified legendary. He also got worse with impervious as now you can’t use poison or burn as a buff for him given the third trait. As it was already said, he doesn’t even flow with other orcs save gar’nok, but he works with all orcs.

As for the other current top choices, stonehammer does synergize with some dwarves, mainly highforge, but with red gw days is never used so that the iron duo can one-shot most opponents and fill up quicker. Xanathos is expensive, but I personally love his spell as it is a really powerful comeback move or even for tanking up over time while killing opponents in one blow easily after the first cast. I feel he needs impervious instead of this two slots for traits bs on a mythic, but I still use him as a summoner and I feel he is undervalued as a undead team leader.

While I have used ele with dragons in the past, lately mine only wants to hang with trolls and this shady volcano guy for some odd reason. I think it’s just a phase I hope.

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Gargantaur because duh, Stonehammer because boring, and Doomclaw because random.

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What is it good for?


I voted on Queen Aurora instead of Doomclaw, i can imagine some teams being made around her, but still she will probably be the last Mythic i will craft if it comes to that.

Doomclaw is unrelyable most of the time, but for his damage and “aggressive support”, if the first ally gets enraged, he can be used with some success. Maybe if his chance to devour enemies would be a little closer to Kraken’s chance…

Xathenos by far, How is this even a poll and how can anyone pick any other Mythic than Xathenos for this? :thinking:


List misses Jotnar. Not that he is the worst number-wise, he’s just anti-synergy personified and thus absolutely pointless.


At least Xathenos does more than Stonehammer and Gargantaur.

Top 5 Worst and reasons:

  1. Gargantaur: Single target skill, no special effects, doesn’t do anything early. Receives buffs from taking damage but isn’t tanky by any means. Doesn’t do anything that others can’t do better.

  2. Stonehammer: Very bad spell. 3rd Trait is pointless because the spell itself isn’t worth using. Put up front, it color blocks important colors. Put it in back and the only good part, the 3rd trait isn’t used.

----- Large gap -----

  1. War: Awesome attacker potential, no skull protection makes it useless. It needs stoneskin or something better if its going to color block as a 1st slot. Could make a Jotnar comeback as a useful Mythic with a tiny pick me up.

  2. Queen Aurora: Bad 1st trait and lackluster 2nd trait. Gigantic liability as a support troop. Not meant to be up front as support, but vulnerable to being frozen on some important colors, and also able to be devoured. Spell is good, but doesn’t buff itself, leaving it as the liability of the team, again. Even Jotnar can self-barrier. Would like to see Immunity to Frozen, and being able to buff itself with its spell.

----- Smaller gap -----

  1. Xathenos: Needs a slightly lower cost on the 1st cast. Fast trait would do the trick. 3rd trait would be better as a +1 stat per turn for Undead instead of a flat bonus per kill.
  2. Wulfgarok: Could use a bit more damage on its main spell.
  3. Doomclaw: Could use a bit more base damage on its main spell.

Worst as in least deserving of mythic status would have to go to Abynissia. Exploding all of a color gem is a bit boring, considering Ragnagord can essentially do the same thing if its magic doesn’t get lowered. Aby is effective, but not creative.


Good post and fine job pointing out just how many “poor” to down right useless Mythic Troops there are now. The main problem with most on your list is another troop will do what they do but better (cheaper spell cost etc). I do find War, Queen A, Wulfgarok and Doomclaw all better than Xanthenos and part of my consideration for picking him as worst is his “cost” to make him just to never use him in any team

I really like Xathenos from the 2nd cast onwards. The magic reduction is pretty sweet, and as useless as the summons are sometimes, can swing a battle as well. That’s why I can’t rate him as useless or low. It seriously has potential.

It’s just that… the very first casting cost for the base damage is really bad value. If there’s ever a 50% mana Mystic lord or 50% mana Undead lord, Xathenos can be used much more efficiently.