The Most Valuable Mythics! [Poll]


I’ve always been really intertwined with the crafting priority of the Mythics, so have others who have difficulties in making choices I assume. Inspired by “Worst” Mythics? [poll], so why not pulling a vote for 12 most valuable Mythics cards of all 25.

Maybe some are worried about the result become so close that this vote thing become less efficient, so you can choose just a few cards that suits your mind. BTW, even it come close, it still can have differences, no matter how tiny they are, this vote thing still can be a reference for those who need it.

Every Mythics card has its own unique usage and purpose, I’m not trying to judge any of them, all I want is this vote to be a guide for those who has difficulties in choosing them. THX for your time.

I’m doing this cause after I searched, I haven’t seen any similar topics, if there already has one, I’d be happy to delete mine.

  • Abynissia
  • Champion of Anu
  • Death
  • Doomclaw
  • Draakulis
  • Elemaugrim
  • Euryali
  • Famine
  • Gard’s Avatar
  • Gargantuar
  • Infernus
  • Jotnar Stormshield
  • Ketras the Bull
  • Pharos-Ra
  • Plague
  • Queen Aurora
  • Scorpius
  • Skadi
  • Stormhammer
  • The Worldbreaker
  • Voice of Orpheus
  • War
  • Wulfgarok
  • Xathenos
  • Yasmin’s Chosen

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Best mythic to craft

I think you mean Mythics, not Mystics.


Damn it, poor spelling…


12 is a stretch…I could only select 5.
Which is a depressing realization. There’s probably at least 10 legendary troops worth having.


Absolutly right, I always wanted to find a Rank for Mythics and Lengendary Cards, so that I can know whose traits to unlock first and whose to be second.

I’ve thought about pulling a vote for legendary cards too, but the result might not be so valid since the amount of legendary is more than 60, people are easy to forget about 1 or 2.

So do you have any good thoughts that can help the others get a convincing Ranking?


I sure hope that guy is not multiplying. Lol.


Lol… Someone made thread asking me to change the photo cause it was so creepy. So I did change it… And made it creepier. :wink:


What mythics need to be changed?


Flip the image on the right so Sheldon is looking at himself… :thinking:


That sound much more creepier:scream:


Good idea! I’ll try that later.


Done. :grinning: (Less than 10)


I gave Doomclaw one of my votes as I felt sorry for him, sat there with no votes - and I have actually used him…


Nice! :stuck_out_tongue:

The crazy stupid Forge Troops (Xanthenos) is currently last in player ranks! Way to go @Sirrian :stuck_out_tongue:


Imagine the cries if the forge troop had been an essential mythic. People with plenty of souls/traitstones (that is, people with a high VIP level or in power guilds) would have had him early, and the power imbalance would have grown.

People were crying “pay to win” about the raid/invade leaderboard, a system Sirrian almost literally said was supposed to be irrelevant. If power players had the ability to craft a must-have troop before anyone else, it…probably would have looked a lot like the Dawnbringer situation.

Still, poor Xathenos could probably use a powerup. Given Crimson Bat and Draakulis, a per-turn boost to undead magic is probably out of the question, but maybe something at the start of battle per undead troop on the team?


I don’t think this would be a disaster either: it’s not like Bat or Draak are seen much in the late game, and players would generally be beating them fast enough for this not to matter… if you can’t win fast enough to get there before Draak gets to one-shot your team at +1 Magic per turn, then you probably don’t deserve to be in lv1000+ pvp anyway…


Infernus, Pharos, Famine, and Elemaugrim (with Infernus). Then maybe Euryali and Abynissia as the two “good” (universally usable) summoning mythics. Honorable mentions to Yasmine’s Chose and The Worldbreaker, who both have fun “win condition” type setups, but Gard and Ketras are generally viewed as more reliable heavy hitters. By that point, you are looking at them only being useful in very specific setups in different modes, which then, on top of that, not all of them are even “good”. I used Queen Aurora this week for Invasions for example, something I haven’t done in a long, long time, because if you are facing thing that capitalize well off cascades (like pretty much every defense team) she will cost you the game on one miss in addition to being incredibly slow, but fighting opponents that don’t have a good way around barrier and might not even use the colors you are creating, she becomes much, much better.


I was tempted to put EMG down but he’s only great on certain teams. Or, to be specific, teams with Infernus. Meanwhile, Infernus itself is great on basically any team… as is Famine because ew…

I threw Aurora in as my third and last vote because speed = good.