Who has the most (base) mythics, multiples count!

Well I thought the other mythic thread was about this tbh, was disappointed at first then thought hey make my own.

I have a lowly 18 in total, and somehow 4 deaths!

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I dont know how much total base mythics ive got, but i opened 5 draakulis so far.


11 base mythic, for a total of 20

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11 Base, 21 total
Perhaps it might be fun to also see who has the most multiples of each specific Mythic: I have War x4

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24 base Mythics here, including 4x Famine.

I disenchant stuff, so wouldn’t have more than 4 of anything.

EDIT: terminology getting confusing.

I have all 11 base unique base Mythics, and 24 in total including duplicates.


9 unique, 10 in total, 2 Jotnars :stuck_out_tongue:

far from you guys but i still feel quite lucky for my resources :slight_smile:

11 Unique, 2 of death, 2 of Pharos-Ra, for a total of 13 base mythics

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I have 8 unique, 12 total.

2x Aby
2x Ketras
3x War


Not bad, but better than I thought it would look a year ago! :wink:

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Here are screenshots of every single mythic I own


You cant complain much, you got 1 of the best 3 :smiley:


And Gard says: “I’m the ONLY one you need, baby!” :kissing_heart:


I have 10 base mythics with a total of 15. (I’m missing Plague.)

13 total:

4 War
4 Draakulis
3 Death
1 Famine
1 Ketras

I’d love to swap out some war and death for the ones I’m missing.

Hopefully, the new crafting system will solve our missing mythics problem. :smile_cat:


I have 33. None missing.
7 Plague, 6 War, 4 Famine, 4 Draakulis, 2x everything else besides Ketras and Jotnar.

15 total, still missing Plague, Gard’s and Wulfgarok.

3 War
3 Famine
3 Draakulis
2 Death
1 Pharos-Ra
1 Jotnar
1 Ketras
1 Aby

11 unique, 13 total.

(3 Plague, one of everything else)

But then it’s to be expected, since I stop opening chests as soon as I get one (during exclusive week). Maybe I should change that habit.

War 4
Famine 4
Draakukis 3
Death 4
Pharos-Ra 2
Ketras 2
Plague 4
Gard 1
Wulfie 2

For a total of 26

Missing Jotnar and Aby, and not counting the ones that have been disenchanted.

Edit: and now two Stonehammer for a total of 28


all 11 unique.
7 Famine, 4 War, 3 Wulfies, Death, Gard, Pharos and Plaque all 2, the rest 1. 26 total.

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I can’t complain at all. I have lost count of the amount of times Gard has saved me against Famine and Death.

Damn right he is the only one I need.