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Do people want an apocalypse exclusive week?

After PC October mythic release, well be all caught up. We are still owed 4 exclusive apocalypse troop weeks; war, death, famine, plague. Does anybody still want that?

I’m all set myself, but if there is enough interest we can request it.


Sure because devs seem to be so responsive to the needs of console players.

On a more serious note I have only Death but I won’t have resources anyway for any extra mythic weeks what with new mythics coming every 2 weeks so I have no interest in Apocalypse events.


Would be very Nice, we missed the opportunity to target a specific apo mythic. Allthough i reckon it wont happend since it interferes with the whole concept of crafting

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Only have war (3) and death (2)
I’m no longer interested in the apocalypse troops tbh, and I agree, console players are treated more like third rate citizens compared to the pc mobile folks.
The difficulty in pulling event legendary troops has got out of hand, plus the non event troops that spill out that no Dev seems to give a damn about really irks me. I pay FIFTEEN bloody gems to open an event chest and I get my 300th blade dancer or druid that shouldn’t even be in there. FFS.
IF they sort that out I might be interested.


I’m missing War and Famine, but I’ve moved on at this point. If they slip in some apocalypse weeks, that will just be more months where (at least for those of us that are missing apocalypse troops) we’re splitting our already limited resources between 2 mythics instead of saving for one. I’m so far behind now that I’ve mostly stopped caring about missing mythics. Also, crafting is giving me a reliable way to get myself a Famine if I still want one in 3 months.


Dont forget Blackbeast and a loooooot more of Knights Coronet and sand sharks!

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You mean if you still play in 3 months? Cause every week they doing something to convince me to stop



not yet i need at least to try this soulforge before :slight_smile:

And I thought I was the only one who kept seeing the same irrelevant troops week after week after week and after a week.:unamused::unamused:


When kingdoms are particularly low on troops there is the possibility to pull troops from another kingdom, it also works this way on PC/Mobile.

However, only mythics from that specific kingdom can be pulled, this doesn’t change.

Not to take away from anything but I see Sand Shark every week consecutively. All he eating is 25% of my keys.


Not in particular. The chances of pulling a mythic would still be in the realm of 1 in 1000 from an event key, with a specific one being one in four after that. With the already high price tag and chance of dupes, this would be of little benefit to anyone that isn’t absurdly lucky. Going for the 1 in 1000 is already bad enough on normal kingdoms you don’t need at least extra copies of legendaries or epics in is one thing, but 1 in 4000 for a kingdom that has no other troops and would just give you epics and ultra-rares from other kingdoms?

Now if they were to put back in rotating exclusives for Apocalypse troops for a very small window out of the month (say, one day on the third Friday of the month or something) and you could use normal chests to get them (VIP, gem, guild, glory) that would be a different matter. Seems like crafting is the “intended” way to get these now, at about 8 months to a year with the exclusion of crafting anything else.

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Can this be changed? It use to be hard to mythic new kingdom troops and event key legendaries when there are around 10 UR from a different kingdom but it wasn’t to big of a problem when we were getting a minimum of 42 keys plus gems to buy them with but now that we are only getting 24 event keys and no gems there is a chance we won’t be able to get new legendaries.

Or you could get rid of maps from the green task and replace them with the event keys that were taken out.


I wish. That’s a whole lot of NOPE. It would be nice to craft with those garbage A… maps.


I’d love to be able to do something with my 1,400 useless maps. Hopefully one day they will be used in crafting there is the other section maybe maps for glory or keys.


Well there shouldn’t be salty, we pay for event troops! :slight_smile:


Yes the nerf on gems and only 24 event keys dont add up, and for make things worse just Remember the awful week of tesla realese, a kingdom with 3 legendarys took me 3000 gems and 400 event keys to get just 1 tesla.