Any update on Mythic Release Timelines?

I know they usually release one per month, but since we seem to be making strides to catch up to mobile in troop count, would I be correct in saying that if we don’t accelerate mythic releases to one every 3 weeks or something else that we’ll never catch up on those? Has anyone heard anything on this that I missed about proposed plans? Also what about exclusive events for apocalypse?

I also tow the line between wanting time to save up resources between each, but (counting the apocalypse troops) I believe we’re 6 or 7 mythic exclusives behind mobile… that’s over half a year at our current rate.

I think having one mythic released every 3 weeks would close the gap but also give time to hoard some resources for them. Unless they want to do even shorter (every 2 weeks?) And perhaps show pity on us and double their drop rate for that time frame?

Just wondering because I’m waiting for the dragon mythic and as it is it’s still probably 2 months out (after stonehammer), not to mention the new unicorn mythic just dropped.

Any thoughts / knowledge appreciated!

Nim says that “about 3 weeks between Mythics”. I wouldn’t read that as written in stone, but assuming it holds, we’d get Stonehammer next Friday.