When did you get your first Mythic?

Hey tater ,said i’d be back later , Its SO RANDOM . You can better your odds . By spending more time playing the game . Activity of the player will control Your chances . Finishing weekly events of every kind , collection of all guild seal’s weekly. Equals better odds . I just received my seventh MULTI COLOR MYTIC , from weekly event key . Killing yellow opponents . May Luck forever be in your favor ! Sounds familiar ! :turtle:man

Been playing since Nov 2015. Got my first mythic at level 476 . It was Gards Avatar. It took 250 gem keys to get it way back when lol. Didn’t get a second mythic til level 900 or so :roll_eyes:
Getting into a guild family that help me better strategize my resources helped me out tremendously . Now level 1255 and missing 5 mythics . My advice is get into a guild that will help u in strategy and resource management. I know a good one if you’re looking :wink:

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I got my first mythic I believe during my first two or three months of playing. It was Scorpius. I tell ya it’s a total crap shoot only because I hear there are people who played for over a year and not get one. I personally just accumulate resources for about a month and then just open them all up at once. I got an average of one mythic a month for like four months straight doing that. The other mythics I got were all just luck from opening up chests at different times.

My suggestion is this: Don’t worry about the Mythics for now. If you haven’t already, get yourself into a good guild. A good guild will give you resources for chests. The more resources you have the more chests you can open which leads to a better chance of getting Mythics.

The other thing is Mythics are hard to get but there are plenty of Legendaries out there that perform just as good and even better in a lot of cases better than Mythics. Dragon’s Soul and Queen Ishbaala are two just to name a couple. Hell, Dragon’s Soul is the MVP on my pvp team. Not downplaying Mythics at all but there are Mythics out there that have no business being Mythics. Getting an awesome legendary like Dragon’s Souls is better than getting Gargantaur all day long.

Make sure you go for the daily diamonds. It’s not a lot every day but on Sundays they give a little more and they do add up. The Sunday diamond deals they offer will make the diamond accumulation faster if you choose to spend gems on them (again, the weekly guild rewards will help with this).

Overall I’d say don’t get caught up into the whole Mythic thing. Seems like you just started so I’d say just enjoy the game and build up your troops. Get some Ultra Rares and Epics and then concentrate on some on the Legendaries. That’s the majority of the fun. The Mythics are more of a bonus than the actual game.

My PVP team is actually made up of a couple of legendaries and they seem to work great.

I use

1 Assassin class for lots of Hunter’s Marks and skull abilities … Anu’s Sceptre (for blue coverage and mana gain)
2 Forest Guardian (for conversion to skulls so that I can control it and make sure I don’t create skulls just to give them to the other team)
3 Bone Dragon (armor decrease and more skulls)
4 Pharaoh Hound (mainly for Bonestorm when someone dies to keep a large amount of skulls falling as the board keeps clearing)

No Mythics needed.

But I kind of got burned out when I saved up for a long time, then opened a TON all at once. I got a number of new legendaries … some repeat legendaries … which was all good … but not a single Mythic. :frowning:

When I saw that, I kind of got disheartened, because I’d been doing everything you just suggested already, playing like crazy, saving everything up, etc.

… then no mythics.

I’m not saying that Mythics mean everything to me. Like I said, I made a pretty good team up without them. But the collector in me wanted to see some kind of return for that level of time investment … and I didn’t get it. :frowning:

Hey, man, don’t get disheartened. I know exactly how you feel. When that happened to me the first couple of months I played I would just not play the game for like 4 or 5 days and go back to it. Look on the bright side: you didn’t get a bad mythic. Getting no mythic is better than getting Gargantaur no matter how bad you want a Mythic.

Seems like you got a good team going. Like I said, save the resources and go for the diamonds. When you get enough diamonds you won’t even have to worry about getting a bad mythic- You’ll get to choose the one you want.

I pulled my first mythic, Scorpius, from an event key at around level 90. I found that funny and fitting since my astrological sign is Scorpio. Since then I’ve not pulled a mythic but have ascended a few to mythic status.

I dont actually remember my first mythic, i think it was High King Irongut, i pulled him and Tian Yi from chests though. im only lvl 401 but have 8 mythics (plus a weapon), most are made. Personally i think the best 2 i have are Keeper of Souls and Wrath.

At your level the mythic I would prioritise is pharos ra. Okay he doesn’t appear as sexy as some of the other mythics in this thread but his soul boosted attack can one shot anything in the game. His appeal is the huge increase in souls generated in battle. That means you can level up troops and therefore kingdoms giving you a significant progress boost overall. No other troop can compete in this regard. Crafting Dawnbringer without ra in your arsenal is almost out of the question. Souls are the most important resource for newer players and that’s why Ra should be top of your shopping list.