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Got my first mythic! From a glory chest!

I’m currently trying to find a team built around my first mythic, Megavore! I am currently level 179, yes, still a low level. I got lucky some how pulling this from a glory chest. Anyways, I currently did try to see what builds others have and I’m not sure if it’s just the game on the switch but it seems like most of the troops seems nurfed? With lower spell attacks and hp ect…


Congrats on getting your first mythic.

The lower HP, spell damage, etc is probably due to you watching people play the game with all their kingdoms maxed at level 10 (the one you upgrade with gold) and having kingdoms above 5 star or 10 star which also grants you an extra stat bonus. Keep playing and levelling up your kingdoms and your stats will also increase over time.


Thanks for the quick responses! I did not know kingdoms had such a huge impact! It’s funny cause I was actually looking into the kingdoms as well trying to see which one I would benefit more from if I make it my home kingdom?


RE benefits, at gowdb you can look at the kingdoms as a table and sort by what you want the most. Most players agree Whitehelm makes the most sense for home kingdom because it gives the most glory, and that’s the hardest currency to farm out of the other kingdom currencies.

RE Megavore, people don’t build a team around it so much as add it to a good team. It costs a lot of mana, and the ability is dramatically worse on the 2nd cast. So a lot of teams that use Megavore have it in the 4th slot and only use it for the 3rd trait instakill chances. It’s always nice to get the ability cast, but those teams don’t depend on it. They sometimes also depend on a hero class that has some instakill such as Archer or Assassin. I have had a turn where I instakilled 3 troops. Once. Don’t expect that to happen often or at all :wink:

So a team core might be something like Jar of Eyes / Mana Generator / Damage Dealer / Megavore. “Mana generator” just means a troop that explodes, converts, or generates a lot of gems. The damage dealer is anything that consistently deals damage and is filled by the generators. It can be something as powerful as Infernus or as common as Gob-Chomper.

That’s part of why Megavore is rated highly, instead of “good on just one or two teams”, it adds some spice to an entire pattern of teams. So it’s like the gravy on mashed potatoes and gravy, whereas some mythics like Irongut are the mashed potatoes and work in fewer teams.


Thanks for the awesome info!!! I will definitely use this table and play around with this troop some more when I’m able to unlock all its traits.

What @Slypenslyde said but one thing to add:

If you plan to begin with upgrading your Kingdoms to 5 Stars:
Start with the Kingdoms that give Magic-Bonus. Then Attack, Life, Armor - in that order.
It will cost you a lot of Ressources: Gold, Souls, Traitstones and you will regret it sooner or later if you have spent your Ressources on Armor-Kingdoms while you need them for Magic-Kingdoms.


Thanks for the tip I will keep this in mind when I decide my kingdom tonight!

Congrats, Beast, and welcome to the Gems of War community! :smiley:

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Thank you! Lookin forward to all the advice and tips from everyone here!

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