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Just a typical Megavore match

Team is Meteor Banner/Alchemist/Moneylender/Queen Titania/Megavore.

Megavore does WORK! I find that with a loop-based team like this one, Megavore typically averages 1 kill per match with his trait alone. With Faerie Fire, his spell now destroys all armor and deals 75 damage, which is enough to kill anything in the game that hasn’t buffed its health, allowing you to snipe a high-value target while setting up for a high-powered Queen Titania cast (remember that she boosts by allied AND enemy Red troops), so she deals about 48 damage on cast to FF’d troops, plus 6 for each Red enemy, which is enough to 2-shot any troop without armor!


Just imagine if we still had the “blobb effect”…

Mine hasn’t done that’s once

What happened mid-game? Did you fall asleep?

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