Low level mythic more powerful than higher level with traits?

I came across this in pvp. A level 245 player has a Gard mythic with no traits, card does 7 dmg, shield 47, life 35 and Atk 24. Total fist power is 8021, and no troop bonuses.

I am level 379, with a Gard having first 2 traits, 6 dmg, shield 46, life 27, and Atk 22. Total fist power is 7512, and I have a knights captain and lord of lions level I bonus.

How is their mythic more powerful? Am I missing something? This didn’t make sense to me. Any explanations would be helpful.

They probably have more of their kingdoms to higher levels than yours and so have more bonuses to all their cards. :slight_smile:

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All of your troops can get bonus attack, health, magic, and armor based on things like Kingdom star level, guild bonuses, etc etc.

Some of that makes sense. All of my kingdoms are level 10, and at least 2-3 stars for each. The only thing I don’t have help with would be from the guild.

You get a second bonus point when you get your kingdoms to 5 stars, too.

Thanks for the replies.

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Kingdoms level 10
5 Star kingdoms
Guild statues / tasks
Mythic / level 20
All traits

This is all you can really do, right?

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Yup, at least until we get 10 stars for kingdoms, which would be another point.

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if you badly wanna increase certain unit stats (beside the kingdom/guild bonuses) you can use team bonuses (same kingdoms, races) and buffing traits (blessing etc)

but its probably not what you asked for


I did have some buffs, two of them.

Correct. I was meaning the ways you can buff up all units in general. But, the ways you list would be the only way possible to exceed my list. Good stuff for newer people to know.

A couple health or armor is rather insignificant, but add all those bonuses together and it makes a tremendous difference.

Are you saying you’re not in a guild?

If that’s the case, find one. If you’re not in a guild, you will forever be at a disadvantage versus those who are.

It’s one of the unwritten rules of the game, unfortunately.

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You mean until they change the name to Gems of Guild Wars!

I am in a guild. My own. However, I do not actively recruit. I just don’t have that kind of time. I certainly don’t have time to be in someone else’s guild with their insane requirements.

Lol don’t mind us crazy Guild Leaders and our impossible expectations. :wink:

But all kidding aside, there are plenty of guilds with very low (or even no) reqs that you’d get a lot more benefit from than being in a guild that has only a few people. The rewards for being in an active guild, even a casual one, are immense


I think it’s hilarious all the drama revolving around these guilds. I am quite entertained in the shadows. Knowing my luck though, I would be booted for not meeting even low requirements. I actually had someone join my guild, then left 3 days later for no reason that I could think of. I didn’t have any major requirements. I just like to avoid drama. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My guess would be they left because they wanted a guild that offered more rewards.


There are guilds that have no requirements. I’ve seen a number of recruitment posts on global chat along the lines of “Casual guild, donate what you can”. I understand the wanting to avoid drama (I’m the same in most cases), but my suggestion is to at least check out the guild recruitment forums and see if you can find one that has no requirements, or stalk Global Chat for the same purpose. (Mondays are good days for guild recruitment in general). The rewards from tasks can be a huge boost, even if the guild is only finishing the lower tier tasks.