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Troop / Card Power / Level Question

I have the Kraken, as an example, It is mythic, and fully traited. The attack is 18, armor 18, and life 27. Magic damage is 16.
I routinely face other krakens that are more powerful… how do I increase the power of this card ? Is it a kingdom bonus thing ? Base hero level ?
I have searched all over the forums and can’t figure it out.

Yes kingdom bonus.
If you level all kingdoms to level 10,and level up their power to max,you´ll get 2 skill points extra per kingdom.

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In addition to kingdom bonuses, there are also guild bonuses: when a guild finishes all 12 tasks for a certain colour in one week, they unlock a skill bonus for the next 7 days. The high-level guilds have all six of these bonuses up constantly.

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Thank you !! I have been a bit overwhelmed trying to find the answers to some questions.
Been playing for a year or so, but it seems there always a new question as soon as you think you
have things figured out.