PVP bonus defense?

Is there a bonus for the team in defense in PVP?

My detail of Krystenax (15 - 24 - 19) vs His detail of Krystenax (22 - 32 - 25)

Same level and traits for the two cards.
No cards of the team have a significant bonus.
My level 281, his level 181.
My play level is set to “Normal”.

Why this difference? Can someone explain me? Thank you!

Must be because of kingdom level and power difference.

Edit: also bonus stats from guild.


He probably has kingdom bonuses you don’t. You get those from reaching kingdom level 10 (Gold investment) and again at power level 5 (Troop/Ascension/Souls/Traits investment). Each kingdom provides permanent increases to a given stat at those milestones. The full list can be seen here: