PS4 Strange deck stats

I was playing today pvp, i saw a player with this deck all his cards had almost double HP and double armour compared to the same card i have in my deck:
his mythic cardVALKYRIE : 53 armor, 44 life, 27 attack /
my mythic card VALKYRIE: 35 armor, 26 life,20 attack

Can anyone explain why his card is way more buffed than mine even though we got the exact same card.

Kingdom and/or guild statue bonuses. They make a giant difference cumulatively.

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To expand on that…

He may have some or all of the following
More kingdoms to level 10
More kingdoms at 5 stars or higher
In a guild that completed all basic tasks.

Also if it’s a guild wars battle, he may have greater sentinel bonuses too. They all add up.

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Another thing just to consider…

Were you in Guild Wars? Because that person could have sentinel bonuses affecting their card. The higher up the fight, the more bonuses they receive.

Were you in Casual PvP? Because the difficulty you have selected affects the other team.

Does Ascending your troops to Legendary-> Mythic increase your Kingdom Power even if i don’t increase the troop level , will i still gain some kingdom power just from ascending?

Kingdom Power is gained from leveling troops and traiting them, ascension does not.

Well it kinda does. If he’s stuck with an epic valk and needs 20 points to get stormheim up to the next star, ascending to mythic will get him those extra points.