Kingdom level

So when you’re leveling up a kingdom, for example Darkstone, do all those stats only apply if you’re using a Darkstone team? Or only when I fight in Darkstone? Do they apply to any troop I’m using? Because I don’t have teams that have troops from just one kingdom.

The bonuses to for example magic or life apply to all troops including the hero.

There is also a kingdom team bonus that only work for the kingdom troop teams.

Kingdom Level (and Power) bonus are permanent and global across all teams, and this is the major statistical difference between an early/mid/late game player.

If you go to your “Troops” page and the “Bonuses” tab without selecting any specific team you will see 3 global bonuses listed – Kindgoms (permanent), Guild (resets weekly), and Faction Renown (permanent).

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That’s what I was wondering. So there’s no point in me leveling up the troop team bonuses since my teams aren’t from one specific kingdom. I can save that gold.

You get global stat increase at kingdom level 10, 15 and 20 and power level 10, 20, and 30.

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Thank you!