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When did Ranked PvP become so easy?

As of 47 hours after weekly reset. 4 players in the top 15 ranked leaderboards have a win streak of over 500 matches currently. One of them has a streak over 1200.
Let’s assume all 4 aren’t cheating.
Let’s assume they aren’t using gems to refresh every single match up.
Is it possible that they are getting nothing but firebomb defenses due to the match making being so broken?

Casual PvP players got hammered for “Exploiting” the system of easy matches.

It’s hard to imagine why 1k+ win streaks aren’t judged as an Exploit. But I guess as long as you spend enough gems… It doesn’t matter how much gold you’re making in the eyes of the devs. (If they are refreshing like crazy.)

Or is it that they have figured out a 100% consistent way of beating the meta? So for them, ranked PvP truly is easy because the devs refuse to do any balance changes to keep players from using 70% of the same defense. Good for those players I guess.

I maybe do 30 ranked matches a week now. And last weekend I barely won my 50th win in a row. Which for me, for 3 years now, between 50-60 wins is usually when the AI goes into super hard mode for at least one match.

How many gems required to see the same difficulty consistently that those lucky folks are experiencing?


For me, something like 25% to 30% of PvP tier 3 are firebombs, festival cows and similar stuff. That means that one can get these on a constant basis at a price of 2-3 gems per battle. So, a streak of 1200 may costs something in the range from 2.5K to 3K gems, which is not too big of a deal if you put your mind into it. IDK why would anybody want to do this but whatever rocks the boat, it is most likely very much welcome by the developers.

I regularly play 1 trophy to get easier battles. If I wanna go for win streak, so if I have any doubt about my possibility to win a match (even on 1 trophy), I can use a gem to get an easier battle. So I’m not really surprised to see that.

You won’t be in the top 15 ranked leaderboards doing 1 trophy battles.
These players are only doing 3 Trophy battles.


I do way more PvP points with 1 trophy strategy (4500 per hour instead of 3500 before). And if I look the player with currently 785 wins streak, he wins around 52/53 points par fight, instead of 65/70 for 3 trophies only. So unless if I’m wrong, I consider he’s doing 1 trophy from time of time, and go for more trophies if battle looks easy.

“Coincidentally” the individual I think you’re speaking of recently lost it looks like.
But in your math did you subtract the 600 points that a player at his level would start off automatically with each week?

Yes I did. Sometimes it’s 602 or 603, maybe more, it depends of some situations. But yes, if I take the current 4th ranked with 785 wins and 41752 points, (41752-600) / 785 = 52,42 points per fight. I didn’t count his defense stats, but his win/loss ratio is pretty close to 1, so it won’t affect the situation a lot.

And if you take current 1st and 2nd top players, they have only a gap of 10 wins (1339 against 1329), but first player has 9250 more points. So they definitely don’t have the same strategy.


If only I knew someone with gems to burn that could test how effectively one can Exploit ranked PvP. @noob

Back before the amount of fireball defenses were regulated. @en9nhcet racked up over 2k wins I think. But I don’t think he kept track of how many gems it cost him.

you’re wrong. I finished #1 doing almost entirely tier 1 battles. occasionally doing tier 2 or 3 if easy teams popped up.

And just to be clear… I used 0 gems to reset the teams i fought.


Then I’m right. :man_shrugging:
The comment I replied to was saying they can do only 1 trophy matches. You did a mix. And depending on your team level score at the time… determines how many points you get from 1 trophy battles.
Players at my level get tremendously less points than you. (Assuming you don’t have your kingdoms max starred)

And if a player could finish in the top 10 in ranked PvP doing only 1 trophy battles and zero refreshes. Then that’s tremendously more of an “Exploit” than cPvP could ever be.
That doesn’t mean that someone who does it is actually an Exploiter. I’m going off the devs bull shit explanation of the gold nerf from 4.7

No you’re wrong. You said players couldn’t be in the top 15 doing 1 trophy battles and that they were doing 3 trophy battles. That you are 100% wrong about. 90% of my battles were tier 1. In fact the “easy” tier 2 and 3 battles took longer then my tier 1 battles. I just wanted the extra gold. I would have made more points faster staying with 100% tier 1.

SO once again 100% wrong saying someone couldn’t be in the top 15 unless they were doing all tier 3 fights. As you said "these players are only doing 3 Trophy battles. WRONG


Do you know what level the players are that I’m talking about? Because if you don’t, then you should probably be less adamant about who you are telling is wrong.

It’s wonderful that you were able to get more than 15 points for 1 Trophy battles. For players at my kingdom star power level… We can’t. Or at the very least we weren’t able to for the longest time.
The devs can change shit in PvP on the fly so maybe if I bothered to check ranked right now I’d get something different than 15 points a battle. But back in my day… When I got #1 in ranked pvp before fire bombs took the competition out of it. It was all 3 trophy battles. :man_shrugging:

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oh so you mean you haven’t actually looked to see how many points you get per battle lately? Maybe you should do that first before spouting off about how “players at my kingdom power level blah blah blah blah” and “back in my day blah blah blah”

I get you’re wanting to call out the devs on some stuff and a lot of the topics you start are on point. This one you should have done some more research before posting.


How do I go back in time and see what lower level players are getting?
The levels of the player in the OP are about the same as mine.
But clearly your individual experience trumps anything else here.
I’m not correcting anyone here. You’re the one coming in here and alleging because you made it to #1 by doing a lot of 1 trophy battles, therefore anyone can. When that’s factually incorrect.
Had I known that every word I said would be scrutinized…I would of been more careful in my terminology. 1 trophy = 15 PvP points in the past.
So thats what I correlate 1 Trophy with. But again… If you were actually reading what I said instead of actively trying to “prove that I’m wrong” with literally nothing more than hearsay… At any time they can change how points work in PvP for low levels. Since I’m not a low level…I can’t check.
But I guess you answered my question. Ranked PvP became easy when you got #1 in PvP. Good to know. Thanks bud.

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Jefferson is 100% accurate here. I’ve made PvP LB way more than you ever have I promise you that and I use the same exact strategy as he does. My kingdoms are not fully maxed, but I highly doubt if you ran mostly t1 you would average 15 pvp points.

Maybe do some research before coming on here with your ridiculous opinions that have no factual backing.


Once again… go do a PvP battle on trophy 1 and see how many points you get… I promise it’s not 15. You don’t have to go back in time to see how many points you get at this point in time. But perhaps that is too complicated for you to figure out? or maybe you just enjoy living in the past when you were actually relevant???

I can’t help but notice you keep mentioning how high your kingdom levels are. Does that make you feel good about yourself that you have played this game for so long that you have everything? Every post you put on this forum is a complaint about how miserable the game is now and yet here you are complaining once again.

Ranked PvP became easy because I know how to put a team together that can win quickly. If i needed to do 3 trophy battles in order to maximize my points per hour I could do that to. Adapting to the current game style is something you apparently NEVER learned to do. That’s why you complain every time there is an update. You’re like the 80 year old man who can’t figure out how to use a cell phone. yelling incoherent things at anybody who will listen about how “BACK IN MY DAY”

Later pal


grabs popcorn devs are streaming r.n


I have max kingdom power and I am getting 50 PvP points per Tier 1 battle which takes only 30 seconds or so… When I was farming class XP on Tier 1 PvP it was really easy to hit top 15. It was also apparent that its way faster to earn PvP points on Tier 1 than from Tier 3.


I wasn’t aware that ranked PvP was the decider of who is relevant and who isn’t.

No. It just so happens that what you get from points is determined by your opponent. And therefore newer players can score more points than old 80 year old players like myself evidently.

By doing 1 trophy battles. Evidently I’m not allowed to bring my past experience into this… But that wasn’t always the way.

Yeah. Team building has always been my weak point in the game. I try my best though. By the way, you made it clear earlier that you much rather do easy 1 trophy battles instead.

I just opened up PvP.
Here’s my options.
Woah…I was off by 8 points. :astonished::astonished::astonished:


Does your guild complete all tasks? Because that’s also figured when making match ups.
It’s the total stat power of the player.
But I didn’t mention that caveat earlier so let’s make that a big as well. :grinning: