Easy, medium & hard?

I’ve been running through some PVP battles & all three of the options in the battle select screen are roughly equivalent. Worth about the same number of PVP points, worth about the same amount of gold. The iron gauntlet score of the ‘easy’ match is dramatically lower than the other two, but in most respects they’re alike.

Is this intentional or just a string of bad luck? I really liked my first run up the tiers because I could pick harder matches for better rewards. This is a lot more like pre 2.0 PVP.

They are still adjusting the scores and stuff.

Yeah. I guess I’m wondering if they’re adjusting them in a way I don’t like or if I’m having bad luck.

It’s just such a bummer. I was really enjoying the risk/reward & really, really enjoying those huge gold payouts. Now blah.

This happens very occasionally to me, so if you’ve had a few in a row, it’s either bad luck or a bad patch of the matchmaking curve. Either way, push through it and you should soon be back to normal spreads of difficulty.

Define “worth about the same”, please. My E/M/H matches are almost universally worth 680-750 gold, even when the hero’s level is sub-90 (I am level 360), but at least I get 10/18/26+ PVP points for my choices.

I hope they are still tweaking the matchmaking system. It’s very odd to get an easy battle with a team score of 6900 one time, and the next time the easy battle has a team score of 2500.

Yeah, in the 600-700 gold range. Looking at my battle log, that would cover 7 of 9 of my last battles.

The other two were worth 1k+. I won them both & then dropped back down to 650.

But during the first, abbreviated PVP week I was regularly getting battles worth 1k+, up to 1800 for a battle, which meant 3k with my multiplier. It was awesome & the battles were more challenging, too.

Hahaha. I think I’ve had one battle worth more than 1,000, and fewer than five worth 900+. I should start tracking how much the battles are worth. For science.

After some thinking, I need to rein in my complaints a bit. Sure, I don’t get offered opponents worth 1,000+ gold like I used to. But neither do I get offered opponents worth less than 400 gold (indeed, less than 650 gold). So I think that, on balance, I make more per fight than I used to, it’s just much more tightly clustered around the average than it used to be.

Edit: I am still a bit salty about PVP points, but I really shouldn’t be complaining about gold.

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Maybe I spoke too soon. Clearly the manner in which gold value is determined has changed between 1.0.9 and 2.0. In the old version there is no way a player whose level is 1000 would have been worth just 723 gold, and it would be only a bit more likely that a player of level 62 would be worth 695 gold. Also, why am I being offered both a level 62 and a level 1000 opponent? Can a dev ( @Nimhain ?) shed light on this?

Pattern hasn’t changed for me. I get these easy battles for ~600 gold, then a slightly less easy battle for ~1k, then back to ~600.

I’m wondering if it has something to do with rank? I was hovering higher on the leaderboards before so maybe I was pulling more difficult opponents. I’m much farther down this time, so getting opponents around my rank?

Just such a bummer. I was so excited for, like, three days.

Welp. Got to tier one. Looking at three possible PVP matches: one for 634 gold, one for 640 gold, one for 646 gold. Whole lot of variety there.

Think I am done with PVP for the week.

The system is pretty much broken, sometimes it works but sometimes

And sometimes hard opponent is impossible to beat ( like thrice my power ).
But of course you can also refresh using gems and hope for reasonable targets.

This looks correct, look at the teams power level not the player level or rank.


Well, pretty much my entire run up from Tier 15 has been like that so refreshing would be a waste of gems.

I mean, it’s basically pre-2.0 PVP and I didn’t hate that. I just didn’t know what I was missing. Now I do.

Here’s how it should look like. One weak opponent with low rewards, next is stronger with higher rewards and last one is the strongest ( in this case a little bit too strong but whatever ) with huge rewards.


Why would you lose less points for losing against a higher level player which is offering more points than the other 3, the risk does not equal the reward. The difficulty is based on team power irrespective of level, also why is a lower rank in a higher difficulty. [quote=“Treemo, post:15, topic:7719”]
Here’s how it should look like.

I know it is hard to grasp how it was debated months ago when difficulty was worked out about this particular part of the update but trust me it is working correctly. Blame those who thought it was a good idea to not sort them by level or by rank because it limitations in player base. If it was going to be the way you have shown then you will only get clones to fight and nothing unique.

You’re missing the point. What @Treemo and I (and @Personette) are complaining about is not that our E/M/H offerings are out of order. We all agree that the lowest team score is always the easy option, etc.

We are wondering why the gold values are so tightly clustered (in my last 7 PVP matches, the lowest gold I saw was 695, and the highest was 734). We have pictorial evidence that for low-leveled players both the gold rewards and the PVP point awards can have a very wide spread, to make easy/medium/hard choices actually differentiated. Right now all I get is three medium options worth either 10, 18, or 26 PVP points.

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Maybe? Someone could have decided they’d opened the tap too wide, made it too easy to get gold (I leveled 3 kingdoms from 7 to 10 during the abbreviated event…), though I have the impression that the big fish have always been worth hefty payouts.

On the other hand, the teams I’ve been getting are much, much easier to beat than those fat purse matches were. They were mostly traited & mythic teams… I haven’t seen a single one of those this time around.

It would be nice to see how gold is formulated because we do not know if the e/m/h as just close in cost because they have all not collected in some time.