Confusing PvP Points for Win/Loss

Ok, first let me say that whatever has been done. The PvP seems to be running much smoother without a landslide of defeat points lost, so THANK YOU devs for the silent ninja patches that nobody is allowed to talk about or else… :wink:

Now on to what is confusing me:
It is my understanding that in the PVP menu we are to be presented by 3 opponents: Easy, Average, Hard
The Easy opponent should be lower points for win, but higher points for loss.
The Average opponent should be slightly higher points for win, with slightly lower points for loss.
The Hard opponent should be higher points for win, and lower points for loss.


My Easy has lowest points for win, AND lowest points for loss.
My Average has mid points for win, AND mid points for loss. (This one seems ok.)
My Hard has highest points for win, AND highest points for loss.

Now lets look at some other stats.
EASY: Team 5053 Level 222
AVRG: Team 5146 Level 197
HARD: Team 5387 Level 147

For purposes of deduction you should know that I am currently level 214 with a Team at 5350.

Therefore it would seem that PVP win points are based on Team score comparison.
While PVP loss points are based on level comparison.
Am I correct?
Should they not be consistent?

SPECULATION: Now, I set my Defense Team as my primary Invade team because of the release bug, I don’t if that has been fixed yet. But if it is making team comparisons based of your Defense Team, then is there a benefit to fielding a weak defense team to pull weak opponents?

I will investigate my speculation and edit this OP when I have more information…

EDIT: I changed my defense team to a single Snow Sprite and continued PvPing. I didn’t notice a change in the draw of opponent. Then when I went back to change my defenders. I found they had been reset to my invade team… I have seen this bug mentioned elsewhere on the forums. I don’t know if this is fixed as of yet, but for the moment, my investigation is on hold with inconclusive results. Again I will edit the OP once I get more information, for those of you who might be watching the thread… :wink: