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Difficulty affecting PvP matches again?

Just logged in the game on Android to see if the weekly event is over and all. It was not, so, I was tempted to do some PvP matches. Imagine my surprise when I started a match vs a beefed up cards team. Hero with 54 attack, 105 health, Keeper of souls with 65 attack, Banshee that does over 40 damage per cast, you name it. :slight_smile: Lost, of course, a lucky 3 skull match killed my lead, and the next one my Alchemist, so yeah. :frowning:
I don’t mind the loss, not really into PvP that much, or anything, but I’d like to know if difficulty now does matter in PvP, or did I just stumble on an error or what not? Thanks in advance!
Sorry for no screenshot, I’ll try to upload one later, if someone does not beat me to it. Cheers!

Was this Casual or Ranked PVP? Difficulty does still affect Casual PVP games.

Ranked, I got a gold key and some Exp and gold as a compensation for the ass whooping I got. :slight_smile:
Just tried PvP again and it works normally. Strange, but not something to lose sleep over. :slight_smile:

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