Difficulty Reset?

Is this a known bug?

As soon as I start a casual PvP match my difficulty resets to Warlord 4.
All my casual PvP enemies have 150+ health, 100+ Armor & 80+ Damage.

I have just changed my difficulty to Normal, Hard & all 3 other Warlord levels but it makes no difference & as soon as I exit the PvP (either escaping or winning) my difficulty has reverted to warlord 4.

This is a real pain for getting this weeks snotstones.

I don’t believe difficulty should be factoring into any PvP mode. I would advise making a support ticket if this really keeps happening.

Difficulty does factor into casual pvp mode. But this should still not be happening, hopefully a Dev will see your post and offer help.

Huh… learned something new. Thanks for the clarification.

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which platform do you play on?

i heard if you play on android + steam then you have to change difficulty on android (as the changes on steam would get reset)

also changing settings directly after restarting game seems to help to many players

here , you might get some clues:

Thanks for this - I do indeed play on Android & Steam