Difficulty removed from pvp

I’m really disappointed to hear that difficulty is being removed from pvp.

Since fairly early in the game when I fully grasped the power of transform teams, I can beat any AI team in any game mode on Hard, without ever feeling like the outcome could be in question. So when I pvp, I play on Warlord I. I lose sometimes as a result, but many of those wins feel earned.

Now I understand pvp will scale from “Normal” to “Hard” based on rank, with no option for harder. If this puts me back at “going through the motions for a guaranteed win”, I can’t see that mode holding my interest.

To an anticipated reply – no, playing a different team that I’m not able to get as high a winrate with is not the right answer for me. Raising the difficulty was the right answer.

Maps look better, maybe I’ll play maps for a while and see where things go from here.


Funnily, someone else is complaining about just the opposite: beging forced to play at Hard instead of Normal after reaching rank 1. :slight_smile:
I lean more towards your side, as I am playing on WL1 the whole time for the extra +25% gold, XP and +50% souls.

Different people have different things they want – so generally options are good.

I recognize that some players were turning themselves off from the game by raising the difficulty too much and suffering, which the devs don’t want. Sometimes, indeed, increased choices is bad.

Maybe a compromise could be unlocking higher pvp difficulties in a given week once the player has reached rank 1, assuming they meet the level requirement? @Sirrian?

now this would be acceptable.

I really worship the AI combo breaker, as it makes the game more enjoyable for me.

Wouldn’t it be better to have a less steep increase of enemy stats on higher difficulty levels? I mean +200% is of course ridiculous when you face a level 1000 with fully ascended, leveled and traited Mythics.
Although I would welcome the possibility to choose your difficulty after reaching rank 1.

That is exactly why I’m not in favor of the combo breaker being turned off :). For instance say a level 200 player with a mediocre team in terms of traits, troop levels etc. draws a level 1000 player with an all Mythical and traited line-up. The odds are already against said 200 player but turning the combo breaker off on top of it…drastically decreases their chances of winning. Losing more than we win = quickly losing interest in the game.


I think we agree on this issue. :slight_smile:
Meaning I think it should all be optional.


I am fine with the difficulty change. PvP seasons will fix whatever reward discrepancy there is (V 2.0 maybe?). As far as difficulty, that is more of the devs needing to fix how the AI function rather than increase everything by X%.

I would like to see the Warlord difficulties with enabled combo breaker. In other words: Make the combo breaker a selectable option aside from the stat boosts.

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This would be interesting - added reward for code breaker being off. so a warlord 4 without code breaker does rewards like now and warlord 4 with code breaker would be something like warlord 3 without?

I play on normal mode for a reason - that is the mode that is most enjoyable for me. Being forced to scale up can only lead to continual losses. No wins, no fun, no more playing the game. I am not looking forward to this part of the update at all.


I agree with @RiverSong. I am level 1000 and have been playing from the start. This is a backward step as I see it.


All of the negative criticism about this combo breaker deal should really give devs cause for concern. This has the ability to be a real deal-breaker for some of us.


I play on Hard as of a number of months ago, but I was on Normal for ages after Warlord difficulties came out…

I honestly never noticed a difference after I switched. Seriously.

Also, what good is it if we win 100% of games? Winning 85% of games is still waaaay above par …

On the other hand, the option probably should still be there. If people are so attached to it.

Lets not get too bananas, I am sure Sirrian will listen to the folks! :slight_smile:

Lets lower the hyperbole a little bit here. Dropping combo-breaker does not mean “no wins” it means not 100% wins.

Not that Im in favor of dropping the combo breaker, i actually dont really mind because I can usually still win, but as others have stated its the massive 12 chain RNG AI wins that get MY goat and the reason I play on normal.

It certainly wont make me stop playing however.

When a player gets a lucky cascade:

“Nice” and forgets about it mid way trought the match.

When the AI gets a lucky cascade:

“Wtf broken game, the AI is clearly cheating”, never forgets about it and goes to the forums to complain; loosing even more gameplay time that what the cascade lost him.


Please don’t tell me how to react. You think it’s fun, go for it, but this is exactly the sort of thing that I hate. Losing constantly to the AI is not my idea of a good time.

Im sitting at about 85% win and i normally play on normal rarely hard. before code breaker, i was running right at 70%. which i didnt enjoy.