Some PVP questions

Just have some questions on PVP for consoles.

  1. Went to play a Casual PVP game and it allowed me to change difficulty like you would in a quest or challenge, is this normal?
  2. While in a PVP casual game the health, attack etc were a lot higher than if I picked the same level in a challenge. Is this a bug? Also, I can’t remember exactly but I am sure the magic level did not match the level the troop was on eg a goblin attack from magic was 11 or 13 and it was only level 15.
  3. This is not just a PVP question but I will ask here anyway. I notice on each team there is a fist with a number on it, what is this exactly?
  4. I played a few casual PVP matches and won them but I did not go up in ranking like I usually would. This happen to anyone else?
  5. In PVP ranked, does your rank reset at the end of the week? I am rank 2000 something and If it does reset at end of week that would suck as that would mean I would never even reach anywhere near rank one. Having the rank reset each week means only people getting to rank one are people that play this non stop.
  1. Yes. You can change difficulty in Casual PVP, but you can’t in Ranked.
  2. Not sure on this one. I don’t play casual.
  3. The fist represents the team power score. So, it gives you a general idea of the power of the team. It takes card levels, traits, player level/kingdom level/kingdom stars, etc into account.
  4. Not sure on this one. I don’t play casual.
  5. Yes, your rank resets every week.
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For #4, yes, this is expected. You can’t increase your PvP rank if you’re not playing ranked PvP.

  1. Could be a result of the difficulty setting, the enemy’s kingdom levels/power or the team’s bonuses. Or any combination of the above.

Not even casual like before?

Not even casual, like before. Ranked PvP is the only way to increase your rank.

So what is the point in casual PVP? It looks like the only way to get weekly rewards from PVP, including from the list that says casual PVP, you have to play ranked PVP?
Shouldn’t we be able to get weekly rewards by playing casual PVP also, as there is a list of rewards you can look at for casual .

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the point of casual is to get gold and glory without sweating about your pvp rank changes

also note there are 2 things:

pvp tier
pvp rank

tier- you reach at around 1900 pvp points and u can do it every week even as the points reset its not so hard
rank - it resets weekly but it doesnt matter, why? becouse rank1 is only available for ONE person in the server, its a general leaderboard of whole server of ppl so how do you expect to reach there without doing the: [quote=“Xbox_guy, post:1, topic:13631”]
only people getting to rank one are people that play this non stop

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ranked rank 1 is pretty much empowering the already overpowered players, beats me why… its really my strongest argument against this new system. Its like giving a banker a bonus.

The rewards for Rank 1 are easily achievable in a fraction of the time using Explore mode. If the #1 player really wanted those stones, instead of the (lower-case) glory and fame for ranking at the top, they’d just do Explore.

The purpose of the leaderboard is to make those who are unable to invest the time, jealous enough to either put in more time, or ideally money, into the game. It’s a carrot at the end of a stick, but the closer you get to the carrot (in terms of win efficiency) the more you realize how inconsequential the reward itself is.

tl;dr: Nobody is winning the leaderboard for the stones.


Yeah, I guess.

But I still don’t understand why Casual rewards are rewarded for playing rank PVP and not casual PVP?

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I feel like an idiot now, I just realized the rewards say tier and rank, nothing about casual rewards.

you are correct.
i assume you meant tier rewards as something that suppose to be rewarded from casual pvp? well nvm… as its from ranked pvp :slight_smile:

edit: noticed it was u and edited D: