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Pvp hard match points - what's your average?

Compared to a guildmate (same level) I consistently get hard matches worth far fewer points. Five consecutive matches for my guildmate yielded 48, 43, 48, 50, 41 but my five consecutive were only 30, 30, 32, 34, 30.

Guildmate average 46 points per game.
My average 31 points per game.

If this was random I would expect to have my share if high point games now and again but so far it hasnt happened - this is the status quo.

Can anyone explain how the games drawn are generated for you or why there should be this disparity.

I’m finding it quite annoying tbh.

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I normally have to spend 1-8 gems per match to average 45+, otherwise my average is around 33.

Ok - thanks Tacet - do you often spend gems to up your points ?

I have definitely noticed a change in PvP points since this update. Players that were giving 48-50 pts. are now giving 40-42, for me at least.

I do not have data gathered to back up my statement but I experienced that I received about 35 points in average when the PVP leaderboard was implemented. Later on, when high lvl players complained that low lvl players get more points, I realized that I started to receive more points per battle (approximately 45 with range from 38 to 52). Last week or two, I see the decrease again to about 35 in average.

Case and point; dhjl’s team has always awarded 50 pts for me, as you can see in the following screenshot it’s now 44 after the update ( his defense team is the exact same as it was ).

I would say about 80% of the fights give me 30 points, 15% 31-35 points and the rest 36-40 points.

I actually made a topic about this tonight. I feel like it was changed with the patch, because I put in quite a few games Mon-Thurs, and I definitely averaged 40 points a match, if not more. Now patch is released, and I’m averaging 30 if I’m lucky (so many teams that are lower than 6500). I’m not sure what controls it, or what they changed, but I didn’t see anything in the patch notes about it, at least I don’t remember reading anything about it. I personally feel the 3 trophy matches should be 6500+ (perferably 7000+) and give at least 30 pvp points, otherwise you fall behind other people for no better reason then luck.

I’ve found if I put up a defence team that is worth over 8,000pts appear to consistently get matched with higher ‘hard’ choices worth more points.

I’ve switched teams back to something else that is less than 8,000pts and it appears to me that my hard matches are worth less again.

So I think there is a correlation. Perhaps @esslee change up your defence and see what happens. If I remember correctly the last time I fought you, your team was around the 7,700 mark?

Edit: For clarification, I experimented with this before the current patch was rolled out.

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I have thought this as well, but it doesn’t explain dhjl’s team suddenly being worth fewer points.

@drathas. My current defense team is 8018 and has a reasonable win rate without resorting to a Maw. I will switch it up to a team wirth 8400+ and see if that makes a difference. Thanks for the suggestion :+1:

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@Macawi - when you scout…do they show traits?

I’m not seeing them, even though they appear when the battle starts, so wonder if it is to do with the traits missing…

Ok, immediately after fielding a defense team of 8493 points my next five matches were worth
39, 41, 43, 40, 37.

Looks like your theory was correct @drathas :sunglasses:

Cool. Good to see others have experienced the same as me. I don’t like that it appears tied to what power of your defence team.

I like to field something different on defence rather than the same old. Is annoying that it appears it can directly effect what pvp points Players can earn.


Yes, unfortunately it does encourage Maw defense teams I feel. I put a double bat up to increase the pvp points but my other teams that have pretty high win rates are only 8068. As I enjoy winning trophies AND going up the rankings this means I wont be switching to them any more to provide variety/different challenge to the opposition.

It doesn’t encourage Maw teams. You could put up four Orcs at level 20 with all traits. Team score only cares about level, traits, and rarity.

Yes but I would like a chance to win those defense matches - and 4 of the same isnt very inspiring !

As long as all your troops are fully traited and level 20 (and you’re level 1000, aren’t you?), it doesn’t matter what team you field – your team score will be the same. The one exception I am aware of, is if you place your hero on your defense team.

Yes, what Im saying is I also want to field a team that others will find a challenge and that will also give me defense wins - like the 8068 team I used to field.

I have the same defense team for a long time and I do see the changes in received PVP points. It doesn’t seem to be related in my case.