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How much gold are your hard pvp battles?

How much gold on averaged are your hard pvp battles? Please list console too, xbox or play station. Also please list approximate team power score.

I ask because I play mobile a bit too and get offered a lot more gold.

Team 8700
Gold ~860


Team power 8300
Gold for hard 800 to 900

I looked on the Android version and saw that some hard battles are worth 1850! I have never even seen 1000 on console.

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800-1000 (extremely rarely just above 1000, but 99% sure never 1100+)

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You mean with the ranked ones? I’m on PS4 and sometimes get up to 1500 gold.
Right now the third opponent I have in the PVP ranked matches:

Team power: 7,259
Gold: 1,235

And I get double that because of my armor. I don’t get why you guys are getting so little gold.

X1. I’m not on now, but my last match was a 3 Trophy match for 1,400+. My power sore is 8,700. I’ll double check in a few hours when I get back on.

This is typical for my matches:

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Hard battles give around 4-5k On Ps4 The figure pre battle is maybe 1750 or therabouts

I’ve never seen 1750 on ps4, it’s usually about 800-1200 for me.

Vip 2, and dragon armor but the gold amount is before any of that matters. I always get either 2k, or 3k from matches.


Yeah that’s true. Didn’t even think of that.

On PC/mobile, I have two accounts (lv 872 and lv 91). There currently seems to be a BIG imbalance between gold received for low-level play vs high-level play. On average, the high-level matches take significantly longer and yet give only 60-70% of the gold! It feels like I’m being punished for progressing.

Here are the last few ranked PvP selections for my level 872 account:
Team Score/Base Gold
+1 trophy
+2 trophies
+3 trophies

7736/840 (Rival)




I rarely see anything above 1000 gold.

My defend team is rated 7689.

For my level 90 account:
6423/1768 (revenge)






My defend team is rated 5748.

I’m okay with a little imbalance to help new players catch up, but this is a bit much IMO. (Both accounts have greater than 99% win rate and the low-level account’s 3 trophy matches are usually faster than the high-level account’s 2 trophy matches.)


The Android account I looked at is under level 100 and I am level 683. That is very counter intuitive if lower level players earn more.

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It’s all about power differential. When taking on people higher level than you, you’re going to get more reward for your risk.

Now that I’m over level 1000 with a couple of teams around 8400, I get a lot less gold per match on hard because I’m either on par with, or stronger than, my opponent.

I’m better off doing easy matches and breezing through them in 30 second because it increases my gold over time dramatically. In fact, doing easy matches is still more profitable even in the uncommon case where I get a Hard offer that is double the base gold because I can do 3 easy matches in that time.


Your getting battles where the match is worth 1750 gold? Post some screen shots please.
Ain’t seen higher then 1400gold and there power rating is 8485.
Even though I know on ps4 the power rating for defense teams is bugged. His power rating on his screen says 9085 but yet on mine it says 8485

I’ve battled 7700-8000 teams with 1300-1700 gold payouts in PS4

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Sir cookie, that has been my experience as well, if I remember right.

After breaking lvl 500 (8,400 power level) my gold dropped in half. I was level 200 when I was able to complete PVP battles on hard and get 4,000g+ now I’m lucky if I see 2,000g (after bonuses). I very rarely see a gold battle worth 1,400 base.

I don’t know why it’s such a severe drop off. Seems a bit unfair to punish so harshly for progressing. The gap should be closer. It gets to a point where you’re going against enemies with all their bonuses, mythics (base and ascension), even though you have few bonuses, a mix of leg and mythic (none base for me) and you’re only rewarded 800-1000 gold base. (That’s the boat I am in right now). Even though those battles are challenging, especially if they use the meta teams, you see a fraction of the gold that you did when you were lower. Some battles take the same amount of time to complete as they did back then.

Anyways, I hope devs look into this some more and adjust. I don’t think it should be more profitable to go on the easiest difficulty and breeze through everything and get only slightly less gold per battle. (Most of my easy-medium-hard matches are within 100-200 gold base of each other, but the easy can be done so quickly)


Thanks for all the replies. Just to be clear I mean gold amount displayed before battle, not what you win that includes armor and vip bonus.

Im getting 800-850 for hard fight

About 10k, is that normal?

No worries, I’ll try find a battle this evening, going to work soon. The team is usually from the top ranked guilds like moshi monsters, guild of gra or misguided misfits. They’re full of mythic troops and often have a gorgotha or korvash at the top.

Mine are usually 800-1100 for hard battles. On pc/ios version, level 1000+.