Riddle me this.... is there any real good reason right now

After several weeks of hard core pvp and the highest I got was in the 19k range, I have this strange question;

Other than RANK POINTS and multiple cups for medium and hard opponents, is there any real reason I would want to play PVP Ranked verses PVP Casual, if right now there is NOOOOO way I am going to ever make the top 10k let alone the Top 1k.

Reason I asked is, got myself to Rank 1 last week early and played Casual for the remaining days so I could still rake in gold, and occasionally suffer spending gems to keep my rank one at rank one.

But I noticed that the richness in opponents in Casual are far more varied and far more interesting than RANKED. And more so, I am giving a more reasonable set of opponents, without having to spend gold.

So I started this week - got to Rank 13 and went …hmmmmmm after spending 10 gems to get pretty much either off the chart ‘glitched’ opponents that clearly their team total does not match their cards by any stretch, or ones with Mythics such as Famine, Death, Or worse - Emperor Khorvash, Bone Dragon, the Great Maw (did try to go against a Beasti Snax troops just to watch it in action)

I actually got more gold and more choices.

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Besides ranking and Glory, no, there’s really no reason to pick rank over casual.

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The main factors for rank that keeps people playing it past 1.9k is the glory and trophies. Players that can easily take the 3 trophy option every time can rake in a lot of trophies for the guild and a couple 100 glory per hour. While I do agree casual has much better variety, I have found ranked PvP to give better gold. This may just be a late game problem though. Since most of my matches in casual are a much lower level and rating, much fewer gold is obtained.


Tacet - while I love your videos - you’ve got levels that I can’t even touch that I only DREAM about right now :slight_smile: - So ya I can see why you would play Ranked.

However, I’m a lowly 130th level/ 10th level assassin who can barely get 200 games in a week to win and that is spending oh at least 50 gems during the week, just to get teams I could possibly win on easy opponent :smirk_cat:

200 games/week in pvp allows you a spot in top 20 guild easily raking in enough chests and gems to make up for your time. Concordantly, you will be able to establish new and stronger traited teams and perform better in pvp.

Put it in to get it out!


I’ve in a very lovely guild and am quite happy with their daily goodies :slight_smile: The Undead rocks