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Ranked/Casual PVP rewards + stat-based matchmaking

I like the game. Big thanks to the developers and community for Crafting, which gave the game more purpose for me after playing much less post guild wars resumption.

My suggestions:

  1. Lower stat teams should get more gold for fighting stronger stat teams. The reward is too low for having to cast or attack several times more than the enemy to deal the same damage they do.

  2. Clear explanation of intention for PVP 1, 2, and 3 trophy matchmaking and rewards should be explained by developers, or mentioned in game. (If it already exists, please point me to it. Thank you!) Is there supposed to be an upper limit on kingdom and guild bonus enabled enemy defense teams relative to your stats? Or should 3 trophy be a little stronger like 1 trophy is a little weaker? Higher magic and durability drastically changes 3 trophy battles for players lacking maxed stats. Are gold, trophies, and glory all intended to have the best payout on 3 trophy Ranked only?

  3. Increased gold on casual PVP. Since glory and trophies are lowered, I don’t think it would hurt to increase gold. Many players play ranked to get trophies for guild requirements, rank up to #1 each week, and gain glory/gold. As a player not currently in a serious guild, it would be great to get rewards focused on what is more valuable to me by forfeiting the trophies. Currently, it seems like the gold reward is the same in casual and ranked so there is no point to play casual PVP. The gold increase would also help newer players as they rank up kingdoms and move into mid game. However, the increase would need to be significant enough to warrant taking a hit on glory and trophies.

Please consider. Thank you!

A note: Not all players are playing for the same amount of time given 4x speed. I actually play less, not more. I spent more time playing before the 4x speed and made more gold weekly before it existed. So resource/reward changes being made based on the assumption of more gold flow is potentially hurting some players.

My thoughts:

As mid-game player, I have double stat bonuses for only two kingdoms. I have 0 troops ascended to Mythic. When I was in a top 20 guild, I was fighting ridiculous teams whose spirit foxes could one-shot most of my troops. For reference, my teams I use in PVP are in the 7k-8k Range

If the point of 3 trophy is to fight the strongest troops in the game (durability and Magic wise), then that is fine. Players should then be compensated with more gold for defeating teams we should have no business fighting. Yes, I know I can fight 1 trophy. My point is the value of gold seems low after a time consuming victory against a much stronger opponent. 4x speed or not, it still takes time to think of a move when the stronger enemy can wipe you out in 1 turn, or constantly keep you drained of mana while killing you slowly.

If I wanted to continue at my current level (stat wise), the 3 trophy battles would eventually become too time consuming to be worth it. The current system would likely put me against maxed mythic teams with maxed kingdom bonuses having more than double my durability. It should be clear whether players will be fighting relatively stronger troops or the strongest troops in the game on 3 trophy.

I am not ascending my troops because the game keeps changing. It seems to punish players with more xp, and higher stat cards. We seem to get less gold for being stronger, and not any more for winning battles in which we are outclassed. Maybe the assumption is that we are all relying on guild tasks and legendary tasks. But that is just not the case.

Maybe there needs to be a much larger overhaul of the PVP reward and ranking system, but can we get a casual PVP gold boost in the meantime? It would make the mode useful in the meantime. Thanks!

agreed and i think as long as you are fine like this (you will suffer in guild wars) you should keep it this way forbetter pvp gold time efficiency

as for your other concerns,

gold is highest on the 3rd trophy so im not really understanding your issue, and ofc higher rewards = harder fights…

about the question weather pvp, ranked or casual, should bring more gold then it does… well i dont think it will ever happen unless there is some key change in game mechanics (something that would drastically change the fight length/difficulty)
the current pvp rewards have their own economic reasons to be this high/low…
(also keep in mind that pvp gold reward was already increased upon 2.0 if i remmember correctly)

about rewarding players with lower stats fighting a higher stat team… should they be getting more gold? they already do! if/after you reach high stats you will see this bonus taken away from you and then you will miss those “good old times”… are you really going around asking to punish end-game players even more while simultaneously complainging that system is punishing them already?

while i can sympathise with a request for getting more gold from pvp i dont think it is reasonable :frowning: as of now if such thing happened then the guild task costs would probably be increased - or some other as bad thing would happen to compensate it - and the more casual guilds would suffer the most - its just not worth it

about making casual pvp giving more gold i plainly disagree since those fights are easier. the gold is scaled with the fight difficulty already, i dont like the idea to make the easier mode more profitable then the harder mode, makes no logical sense and plainly riddicules “ranked”

the ideal solution to help players like you would probably be just lowering guild task costs (the basic 12 not legendary) or the kingdom upgrading costs (and leaving pvp gold be)
but i dont suggest that since i dont have such deep insight on the economy to see can gow dev team afford such change

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This really needs to be revisited. Higher tier players shouldn’t be punished with less gold simply for becoming more powerful.

Thanks for your reply. I may try casual again soon to see if I notice any
changes. When I tried it in the past, the fights weren’t really much
easier. Troops were traited the same, I was still fighting the teams I was
in ranked, and the enemy scores were about the same. I was just getting
fewer resources. I may remember it incorrectly but I was laughing thinking
"they are just as strong and I’m getting less glory". If they are in fact
easier, I will update.

As for my post. I was trying to be simplistic about what I think would be
helpful to non-maxed/near maxed players. I do think it is possible to
increase gold for maxed players and players around my level with a
significant gap in the stats of the teams we are matched against. It does
not necessary have to work like a seesaw, but it might require a more
complex formula that takes into account end game 3 trophy match-ups
separately from say a 7k vs 9.5 k match-up. Matchmaking and the whole
system would likely need a rework. I was not attempting to offer a specific
solution for that now.

What you mentioned about compensation for increase in gold has is a point I
am still trying to understand these days. The changes made seem to be aimed
at players who benefit the most from having “stamina” to play the game much
more. As someone who is not playing that much, an increase in gold is still
not going to make any game breaking difference in guild tasks for me. It is
difficult to quantify the impact of other players getting more resources. I
can’t fight more leveled mythics in PVP, so if other players are getting
200k+ more gold per day or week, I am having a hard time understanding the
effects on my PVP battles that may not change in stats.

I personally can’t take ranked seriously, it does not seem to reflect how
good I am, only how much I play. And there will always be players who have
more time, or simply care more. If it were like a fighting game, I would
care more. It’s like raked is given the most gold so that players will play
the mode. “Oh yeah, if you play a whole lot, you can get 1 traitstone too.”

Many things can be changed, and I think that lowering guild task costs may
increase the value of gold as it can “buy more”.

What I really hope to convey is that the sense of “value” seems off with
some things including PVP victories and guild wars, which I have already
expressed my ideas in that other thread from Devs requesting feedback for
gw changes. I can play more if I want to. I can join a high guild again and
increase my resources with added stress of meeting requirements weekly.
I’ve done it for a few months non-stop. But I stopped because I did not
feel like the time I was putting in was worth the rewards I was getting.
When I am not motivated to play this game, it is because I feel like the
rewards are lacking. All the things I have complained about would be
mitigated had the rewards for enduring them been worth the trouble in the
first place. If that point can be taken to heart by the Developers as a
player who is concerned about the uncertainty of entering the “endgame”
(and having no way to revert should I not like it). I will feel relieved.

I have already accepted that more than likely, if the vocal community does
not share my thoughts, we will have to wait until PVP is reworked for a
chance at gold change. Sadly, it seems like it will be some static amount
because so many players are equal at the top in stats. Players may not like
artificially boosted AI to still have increased difficulty 3 trophy battles
for increased gold for endgame. But I had to try :slight_smile: People spoke up and
seemed to have gotten crafting, and some guild task gems back, so what
could a post hurt?



thats so true :sweat_smile:

i also dont really like the pvp “quantity instead of quality” character but since it has no battle limit there is nothing much to be done

and its true casual is not much easier then ranked, sometimes just marginally, sometimes visibly easier but it still is easier in the end. you can observe it more the more your account develops (early/mid the enemy difficulty spikes up and down randomly a lot so its not a good measurement)

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The only reason I play ranked is to get my seals faster by gaining tiers. When I reach their 1, I start mixing it up. But I’m also blessed with lots of time to play.

I find it simply absurd that the game, by now, become easier for beginners, when veterans have gone through difficulty the same or greater in the past to get where they are.

In the past, without guilds and tasks filling the players of loots, I suffered to gather 15k gold in PvP and buy 50 chests. Today 50 golden chests are not even good for beginners, since weekly we have events with epic and legendary cards easily achieved with the event chests.

Gems of War is a game where the one who applies more time in the game obtains better results, this is clear and seen in all the veteran players and the guilds of veterans. Game time means more gold and souls and therefore more tasks fulfilled in guilds, which results in more bonuses in member status and more loots.

It is totally unfair to lower the costs of the tasks of the newer guilds and keep costs in the tasks of the veteran guilds. And if we come down from all of us, from the veteran guilds, we would leave our tasks full in the middle of the week, increasing our bonuses and leaving our troops even stronger in defense of PvP and GvG. The same would happen if they put more gold in any type of PvP, Ranked or Casual. We veterans would fight there and soon we would complete the tasks of our guilds and this would give all members of our guilds a lot of bonuses, which would make our defenses even more difficult for beginners and middle players.

The only solution for beginners and average players is to do what we have done a lot in the past and still do, dedicate as much time as possible to the game, time defines the player and consequently defines their guilds.

I manage a guild where we are average players and veterans in the majority and a few beginners, however, we are active and focused in the game. It is this focus and time invested that defines our awards and results. Otherwise we would be complaining about the difficulty and asking for facilities as well.

(I hope you have understood me and I hope you do not get upset with my thinking and my comment, I speak as someone who devotes a few hours a day to my commitment to my friends and guild members.Dedication is essential for Gems development.Note: Translated by Google Translator, forgive me the mistakes [also translated yours to understand them])

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I have played games on release, and have seen them become easier for newer players. So I understand where you are coming from. I probably agree with you. I just didn’t know the game existed then.

I agree that if I put more time into the game I can get more stuff.

The value of rewards was not there, so I refused to put more time in. It simply was not worth it for me.

Since then some changes have happened in PVP, and I made some tweaks to my old team I used to use when I was having lots of fun before guild wars. With my new set up, the current gold value is there. I still don’t play guild wars because 50 seals is not enough value for lower tiers.

I will just enjoy it as is. Hopefully everyone can also agree that these troops and mechanics don’t need changing either.

I think some people like me make comments because the forum seems like an open invitation for ideas. At the end of the day we would like to see changes made. I understand that they either will or will not happen. I only write on here because I like the game, and would like to enjoy it more. If I can’t contribute to that goal. At least I tried.

No hard feelings for anyone.

Thanks all.


Explore could still use a continuous mode, and not send us back to the world map after every battle.

Just asking.

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