Casual pvp vs normal

So why do I see some people suggesting casual over normal pvp when the rewards are next to nothing? I feel like I’m missing something, what is it?

I use casual PvP when I have a task or an event to complete, and I need it done quickly. The main difference is the repick option that only costs 50gold in casual instead of the 1 gem in ranked. Casual lets me keep repicking my opponent until I find one that fits my needs.


@Pantenkind And to also add to JuaitoR the AI seems/tends to feel a lot kinder in Casual. Not sure if it really is. Though I do around 600-2000 trophies weekly in Casual or Ranked. And have for over a year now. And to me Casual has always felt kinder in its AI than Ranked. So you also do not have to deal with a aggressive AI if you wish to just grind. You can also face opponents as JuaitoR said that fit your grinding needs better. Farm the ones lowest to you in team score quickly for good farming. Also if you lose it doesn’t affect your Ranked PvP score which is a given. So you equally do not have to care if you win or lose, just grind happily away. And some have tried to argue you can earn just as much in Arena farming. Which is simply not true. You can farm Casual faster and with a team you choose. And to get anything out of Treasure Maps is a dreadful chore that wastes time more than anything. Casual is simply right now the best way to farm.

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the reward is only slightly less gold and 1 less glory, at only one trophy, i don’t care about trophy anyway. i wouldn’t call that next to nothing.

repick only cost 50 gold.

your pvp rank does not rise, which i like because there are a lot less meta mana drain team at low pvp rank. faster fight.

in the spirit of being petty, playing against team you dreadfully hate won’t give them revenge battle. maybe, i don’t know. i’m not dev.

overall, they are happier fights without the bragging rights.


Thank you for the replys

@Patenkind You are most welcome.