Casual PvP Difficulty

I like to play non-competitively so I’ve taken to playing Casual PvP matches on the lowest possible difficulty. Unfortunately I’ve noticed that as my hero’s level increases, the difficulty appears to ramp up non-proportionally. It’s reaching the point that I have to refresh the list of match competitors 5-15 times to find a relaxed match.

I realize that Gems Of War is by nature a competitive game, but why is the lowest difficulty of a Casual round consistently giving me such challenging matches?

That’s just how it’s become it was nice n relaxing 2 years ago now it just a pain doing anything.

I play on console, and had recently taken a liking to Casual PvP, because as long as I stayed away from Ranked PvP (and Guild Wars) battles, I could play low-ranking opponents repetitively in Casual PvP. This was great for grinding for my guild’s trophy requirements on Monday prior to the Guild Wars week starting. It actually wasn’t bad for gold purposes either, because the battles were typically quite a bit easier than the ones I’d find as 1-trophy options in Ranked PvP.

With this most recent update, I’ve noticed that the difficulty of my Casual PvP opponents scales upwards no matter whether I delve into those other modes as well. Whereas before I could consistently find matches against teams with ratings between 300 and 3000 (you know, the ones you see very early in the week) even 100 battles in, those now dry up just as quickly as they do for Ranked PvP. Thus, there is no real incentive to play Casual PvP anymore since the challenge is essentially the same and the rewards are quite a bit lower. I really wish they’d revert this back to how it was before the update.

It seems that GoW is steadily eliminating casual PvP matches, in favor of a hard fought battle every time. I can understand that ranked PvP matches should be challenging, but casual ones? On top of that the difficulty gets more and more intense the higher my level goes. I’m now at level 406 and my enjoyment is plummeting.

At this point I can’t play even the easiest of casual matches without having to work darn hard to win. I play GoW for the enjoyment of a casual experience. If this continues I will no longer be able to play the game…