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Farewell Gems of War

I’m been playing Gems Of War every day for a very long time, and watched it go through some amazing changes. It’s become apparent that GoW is becoming steadily more and more competitive. This is fine for some, but difficult for a casual gamer such as myself! Unfortunately, I’ve also discovered that as my Hero’s level increases, the difficulty of the game ramps up disproportionately.

I’ve tried getting into the mini-games, which are fun for a while, but the main part of the game has become too competitive, and casual matches are now far from casual. As a casual gamer, the intensity of the supposedly casual PvP games is just too much.

Thank you for the fun times devs, but it’s time for this gamer to put his gems away and bid you all a fond farewell. Take care one and all…


@Silverlyning good luck and have fun! Try Trove! It is my new addiction!


I didnt get to know you, but best luck in life.


Very elegantly put @Silverlyning.
I hope your next game arrives swiftly and provides great satisfaction!
Fare thee well! :wave: