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What to choose in the forge

In the Switch soulforge, there are 2 mythics that I want but I only have enough for 1. Should I go with Obsidius or Megavore? I understand that most people consider Obsidius to be on a higher tier but I think Megavore is a great support troop that can go with more variety of teams than obsidius. Since the pc/mobile players had more time with both troops, who do you think I should go with?

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I won’t comment on the mythics, but, if you don’t have Trickster’s Shot, make sure to craft Trickster’s Shot.


honestly, you don’t really need either, but I’m also not on the Switch

Stun all can be nice for Guild Wars
Troop can be fun
don’t actually need it for most things

Destroy all armor can be fun
Instakill can be fun
Impervious troops can be useful
don’t actually need it for anything specific

You can always try basing on if you need a mythic for Blackhawk or Dhrak-Zum for kingdom power level purposes.

I’m 51/49 in favor of Megavore since Destroy all armor has more potential, but Obsidius is a better choice if you just want a troop to throw in the last slot for trait purposes. I’d check to see if there’s other Mythics you might want before selecting one.

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Obsidius for me, that stun is irreplaceable. Its hard though, Megavore is very dangerous.


I like them both and Megavore was my Fav for a long time but OBsidious is my very slight favorite. Not too many mythics better IMO. You can’t go wrong with either.

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personally, based on my own personal playstyle, i would pick obsidius for:

  • big 5x5 board destroy that often end in extra turn when storm active
  • brown storm on kill
  • mass stun

mass stun and obsidius level of board control with that ok damage is something i like very much. that kind of stun makes huge difference.

megavore is all about kill and big damage. damage is x2 magic, which is very strong. and it’s practically “true damage”. can be boosted by Dervish a lot. 8% kill happen often than you might expect.

personally, i love how obsidius can keep the board fresh and team mates with mana. it just fun to watch. using megavore usually a little too overkill for the battles i usually pick.

What other Mythics don’t you have?

It might be better to wait and pick up a good one you don’t have, rather than choose between two “OK, but not great” Mythics.

See this post for what should be coming up:

Not switch-specific, but I didn’t want to make a new thread and this is in the right vein.

I can craft Pharos-Ra or the Wild Queen. Is one a strong-should or must craft, in general opinion? Is there a reason to wait for a better craft to show up in the next few weeks? I looked at Tarans World but don’t fully understand how to figure out what might be in the coming forges.

Do you need souls? if you do, its good to have a Pharos-Ra
Do you like The Wild Queen? Its a fun troop, but I don’t know if it should be anyone’s highest priority.

The forge currently works in a way where a troop only shows up once per cycle. So if you see it now, it won’t come back until all Mythics have showed up once, before coming back.

If there’s something you’d rather have, it’d be better to wait. Get what you like.


Pharos-Ra really only has one purpose and that’s farming enough Souls to get Dawnbringer.

Once I’d done that, I never used it again.

Wild Queen is actually reasonably useful, for instance:

Essence of Evil
King Gobtruffle
The Wild Queen

Green++ Brown+ Red- (Mushroom Banner)

This is a quick starting, self-looping team which is pretty powerful :+1:

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Thanks guys. Any way to tell what’ll be in the forge in the coming weeks?

When a new cycle starts, it’s anyone’s guess—totally random.

Then each subsequent week all we know is that whatever has already shown up won’t again until the next cycle.

So, only the last week of the cycle is 100% certain. That’s why, if you’re short on diamonds, probably best to just have a list of what you want most, and wait it out until you can make your #1 craft choice.

After about a year if doing that myself, I’m now only missing a handful of mythics, and none of them (to my knowledge) is really critical.