A New Mythic Approaches - Obsidius

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New Mythic Troop: Obsidius

Obsidius will be the only Mythic Troop available in Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP Chests for the next 7 days.

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2800 glory keys. can’t complain

Seeing Portraits and stuff sold in Flash Offers and Portraits and Emotes being sold in Hero Class events… not impressed =/

Really not a fan of seeing 2 events selling that stuff in the same week.


So can someone explain heavy and light damage? What does infernus do? Is infernus better because he hits 2 enemies every cast?

heavy splash damage: damage + 75% of that damage is done to adjacent troops.
light splash damage: damage + 25% of that damage is done to adjacent troops.

Infernus has more consistent damage, but Obsidius can occasionally get more extra turns back if used smartly…

*Assuming no bugs in programming…


Good Luck! this one was expensive 40 vips keys, 500 keys , 3000 glory keys and 25k seals. im soooo poor now

Anyone a good team with Obsidius?
I’d like to play him with Essence of evil.

600 guildseals lol. Cheapest mythic ever.

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Sadly, my most expensive Mythic, like ever.
8,000+ Glory keys
1,500+ Gem keys
17K Seals
80?+ VIP
And on top of all that, 4,000+ gems used.
I broke the bank for him, i hope he’s worth it… :joy:

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Mountain Crusher - Titan, Apothecary, Megavore, Obsidius is something I dabbled with. Its a solid team.

Typical Brown spam with Brown spam conversions. Added benefit of a chance for Megavore kill so that Obsidius’s spell is more concentrated (preferably after a Megavore cast, but not mandatory).

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275 guild key for 2 Obsidius :slight_smile:


Is there a use case for two? I’m struggling to come up with it…

Don’t know i will need to test

It looks like my damage numbers did get changed, right before release. Obsidius previously dealt [Magic + 4] damage, had 9 base Magic, and had a 20% chance to deal light splash damage. Obsidius now deals [Magic + 8] damage, has 13 base Magic, and has a 50% chance to deal its light splash damage.

This is a great change; previously, Obsidius’ damage was drastically lower than Infernus, mainly due to the base damage (Infernus deals [Magic + 10] as a base) and the low chance of splash.

Time for math again! Assuming you have all the Magic kingdom bonuses, Infernus deals

(13 + 12) = 25 base Magic
Splash: (25 + 10) = 35 base + 18 or 36 to adjacent
Expected Damage: Splash + Splash = 70 to one target, 106-142 total

Obsidius deals

(13 + 13) = 26 base Magic
Heavy Splash: (26 + 8) = 34 base + 24 or 48 adjacent
Light Splash: (26 + 8) = 34 base + 9 or 18 adjacent
Heavy Only = 34 to one target, 58-82 total
Heavy + Light = 68 to one target, 101-134 total
Expected Damage: Heavy + 0.5 x Light = 51 to one target, 69-95 total

Again, still lower than Infernus, but he’s less than a skull poke off of Infernus on average now, and if the second splash hits they’re almost indisinguishable.

I wonder how this new troop is going to perform. I’d cite the lack of Divine synergy as a weakness, but the upcoming faction’s legendary means Elementals aren’t too bad either.

P.S. It only took me 2000 seals to get mine. Guess it’s compensation for not pulling Queen of Sin at all last month?

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Another garbage troop for pvp imo
Probably gonna use it in some delve tough

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Is there any reason why Obsidius couldn’t get a 100% chance to cast that secondary light splash if the expected damage is still less than Infernus? I could understand 50% if the second hit was a heavy splash, but light splash is a light tickle…



40 guild keys, 4k seals

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Definitely not a garbage mythic. Having a lot of fun with this one today

Titan (extra brown manna on matches ?lvl70))+ mountain crusher; dwarf banner
A.N.Other mythic (currently ketras - take your pick)

Great combination with frequently lopping obsidius attack; if not apothecary to kickstart it again.
Stun all enemies very helpful to get rid of some annoying traits

Alright it’s not garbage but also not a crazy mythic, his health is very low and his attack is too random. I like to know how many damage my troop will deal before i cast, and with these kind of troop you never know if it will be enough to kill the troop.

I said it was garbage for pvp cause it’s not quick enough too beat all these 100% mana start troop, i hate to change team every 2-3 fight when i do pvp so this troops isin’t very good for me.

3000 glory keys then 350 gem keys for this one, not bad for abit of an underwhelming troop

3800 glory keys for me, very happy with this result :+1: