A New Mythic Approaches - Aquaria

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New Mythic Troop: Aquaria Aquaria will be the only Mythic Troop available in Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP Chests for the next 7 days.


Why not heavy splash damage and why not let it create blue storm every turn? I just wonder. It is not like it is OP.


3 copies with 100 gem keys… Too bad it’s trash.


Because the zodiac sign troops have to be bad (with an exception)?

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I could not find this new troop in:

  • 6150 glory chest
  • 450 gem chest
  • 950 guild chest (lvl6)

I know this troop is not so good, but I really wanted it to develop my kingdom… The drop rate of chests are working for me actually very terrible. I have missed 4 mythic troops last year with burning all of my resources without any success. This is soooo demotivating.

I got this troop with less than 600 Gem keys and was very happy that I finally got the Mythic of the week but now feeling sad that it’s being called trash… :sweat_smile: :skull_and_crossbones:

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I didn’t get it either. Some of my guild mates got 3 copies within the first 600 keys. I also spent 50.000 glory and 20.000 seals after my keys were gone. Nothing. Hopefully I get 1 copy next week after the weekly reset, when tasks are done. :thinking:

I can’t speak for the first part of that, because I believe that’s a reasonable position.

As for the second? Skadi already creates a Blue storm every turn.

That does not mean that there should not be more troops with that trait.

That’s bad luck, but its probably not bad enough to be statistically significant.

On average, you should expect 1 mythic for each:
10000 glory chests (0.01% chance)
1000 gem chests (0.1% chance)
909 lvl6 guild chests (0.11% chance, if all guild guardian troops fully ascended)

So, taking all 3 types of chest into account, on average you should expect to pull 2 mythics from that amount of keys. But there is no guarantee :frowning:

Some games have “pity counters” where you are guaranteed a success after a certain number of failures, but I don’t believe GoW does that. Even if it did the pity counters would probably kick in at at least twice the expected number of attempts, so 20000 glory chests, 2000 gem chests or 1818 level 6 guild chests, assuming you already have 4 copies of all guild guardian troops fully ascended.

It would be nice if the game did use pity counters though…

Its not entirely terrible, but like most zodiac mythics, it is disappointingly underpowered. Having said that, I don’t expect ever to use it except for one of those events with restricted options for troops.

Its a poor copy of its (almost) namesake, Aquaticus. It does more damage, but it does not explode gems, which is bad. If they’re going to blatantly copy a previous card, maybe the least they can do is tweak it a little?

I don’t have a problem with it. But I can recall many times in these spaces where people have complained about those duplicate traits.

Assuming you are talking about Piscea, is the consensus that Sagittarian is bad? I thought at least the trait would create some utility for the latter, but maybe not?

Okay, granted - he’s not all bad. I’ve used him with the yellow dragon. I totally forgot about him tbh because he’s also not amazing.

So may it’s 2 exceptions. Unless I forgot another one. :sweat_smile: :joy:

Single target troops are kinda whatever. Even with 2x magic dmg, I’d rather just use TINA-9000 for the same mana cost. 24 mana cost just kills Sagittarians viability.

I agree with you TonberryDoink, some kind of pity system shall be implemented to the game.

This bad luck would be okay, if it would not be the 5th mythic troop I miss with “all-in” of my resources in the last 6 months. I could not loot out the following troops with similar (or just a bit lower) amount of keys: Aquaria, Sagittarian, Scorpio, Leio, The Wild King. I would say I had keys to loot estimately 8 mythic troops in clear, but I got 0. I never loot random mythic troop between new releases, because I collect always for the next one…

I have just written to the support about my drop rate, but I got only a good wish “cross your fingers to have better luck”. I like this professional reaction.

Note: And this is when I get mad some players are posting on any forums happily “I have just looted the new mythic from 50 gem chest 2 times” at every single new mythic release…