A New Mythic Approaches - Obsidius

Queen Aurora makes a nice 4th too. Extra mana on matches, spawns more browns, full party barrier

Would we say “explode”?

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Good point, should be destroys.

Best - or at least, most amusing - I’ve come up with so far is Obsidius, Essence of Evil / Frostmage, Divinia, TPK. Summer Banner.

It’s pretty entertaining, and plows through PVP well enough to be acceptable.

A few things to consider regarding your math

_Damage gets rounded down. Eg Infernus splash deals 17 damage to 1 target.

_Heavy splash deals 75% damage. Obsidius splash should do 25 damage to 1 targer.

_Your expected value for obsidius seems a bit low. Did you also include the 50% for the heavy splash damage?

But overall its true obsidius deals significantly less damage than infernus

Is this troop also available on Switch?
I think I know the answer, so plz anyone official who announces anything:
As long as the Devs are not able to manage one version of the game for all plz be more specific in your announcements!

This troop is not available on Switch yet. They intend to eventually have all platforms synced for troop releases.

Nope switch won’t have the same mythic

Edit: sniped by @Ghaleon

Thanx @Ghaleon and @Rickygervais. I already knew this and I was happy to get Weaver already.
My intention was that for the announcements in future it should be clear, which platfor it’s for.
I’d like synchonisation but I don’t need it necessarily. But I don’t want to find out by myself which announcement is for switch and which not. And it should be easy to point out when announcing something.

What do you find so unclear, if I may ask? One explicitly states NINTENDO SWITCH, the other doesn’t.

That’s an easy one:

Edit: Just imagine they would have announced Weaver without the Switch-Tag. What did you think?

Are you really suggesting they put an additional tag of “All platforms except the Nintendo Switch” on each official news topic? That seems a bit excessive to me…

Especially because people on the Switch might not have these cards yet, but they will eventually. When that change happens, would you want them to necro the threads and update the titles? It’s unnecessary.

Just read the topics clearly labelled “Nintendo Switch,” and, if you accidentally read one of the up-to-date content releases, be happy you’re getting to see the content that will be coming to your platform 6 months down the pipe.

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I think it’s clear which posts are intended for switch. I also ensure that our social posts mention which troops are headed to switch in the copy and on the graphics.


I wish they had a separate tag for switch posts so we could mute that category.


An off “switch” would be super nice.
That way the Switch users can also mute the PC/mobile official news.
They made a different category for all the Switch related stuff except Official News. 🤷


I think it would be less complicate if they change the color of official news.

They keep purple for pc,mobile,xbox,ps4 and blue for switch untill they catch up then everyone purple

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Xbox and PS4 had to deal with not being caught up too with the News posts, we didn’t get special treatment LOL

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Nothing to do with special treatment, if something can be improved just go for it

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