A New Mythic Approaches - Arachnaean Weaver (Nintendo Switch)

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New Mythic Troop: Arachnaean Weaver

Arachnaean Weaver will be the only Mythic Troop available in Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP Chests for the next 7 days.

FYI for Switch users: this troop is super useful. It isn’t quite top tier, but I find myself using it frequently—especially in Delves.

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A Tomb Spider when an enemy dies?
Isn’t it supposed to be Webspinner?
I know it was like this originally but I thought they’d just put it up like on other platforms?

It should be webspinner and it is a 75% chance makes me think this is a display bug but the troop is functioning properly based on the code that switch should be running.

However I am not playing gems in switch so I could be wrong.