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Scrub needing ideas for Psion teams

Just got Psion fully traited and can’t figure out a good combination that excludes Mythics. Any help would be appreciated. I have every troop in the game excluding: Mythics, The imps, Jarl Firemantle, King Silenus, Queen Mab, Sekhma, Sylvanimora, The Great Maw, and Umberwolf.

Decide whether you want Psion up front (mana steal trait great against Gorgotha or Great Maw -led teams for example, but Psion is kinda fragile) or you want him on for his spell in a support position (the true damage isn’t great, gets stronger late in game, but the mana drain can save you).

In the first case pair with something that makes skulls and something to keep him alive, like Psion/Sunweaver/Aziris/Ragnagord maybe… in the second, I’ve found Khorvash/SpiritFox/Valkyrie/Psion really good.

Psion/Ragnagord/Famine is the classic trio. Death, Abnyssia, & Spirit Fox all work very well and are popular fourths with the trio. Not the strongest possible offense but fun, and definitely great defensive team.

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If you want to be imaginative, just don’t use psion


Bat/Psion/Valkyrie/Keeper of Souls (or Bone Dragon)

OP doesn’t have Famine, else I’d have suggested that too.

Psion makes a great counter on explode-based teams leading Gorgotha and where the main threat is the first troop like MawMercy or KGSFGK.

Yup he is lucky on the cascade he alway catch a skull at the good moment :slight_smile: