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First MYTHIC! Black Beast☹️

Well, I finally got a mythic but it is Black Beast. I haven’t heard anyone talk about this as a viable troop.

  1. Are there any builds where this is even a decent option?
  2. What was your first mythic?

Funny enough, Black Beast was my first ascended mythic too. :smile_cat:

Kruder just made a good video using Black Beast:

A decent early game defense I faced was the following:
Black Beast***
Goblin Shaman***
Goblin King***

(Sniped :frowning:. Well played Ashasekayi xD)

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I use Ettin(empowered) instead of Anointed One for this team because the team gets rolling so much faster.

I actually use Black Beast in some other teams as well, but this is by far the fastest.

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When we get the Impervious buff you can Devour your own Impervious Troops and they don’t die.

You will get the full heal and skulls if it works how it does on PC right now. You also wont get any kind of stat bonuses for it, though.

True but the healing and Skulls is reason enough sometimes.

That has to be a bug… @sirrian @nimhain?

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To complete the “Play a match with 4 troops of the same mana color” task, I actually use Black Beast very effectively. I do this task in PvP and almost always win. I am over level 300 so I am playing very established players as well. It’s harder than my usual team, but still overall almost a lock you will win.

The team is:

Black Beast
Boar Rider
+2 green

I usually wait until Hobgoblin is significantly damaged, and after casting their spell once or twice, and then eat it with Black Beast. I then often eat Goblin with Black Beast as well. Good for about a 95% win rate even against the best teams. Since it’s mostly skull based there are a couple decent counters (Gorgotha) but that’s what Hobgoblin, Boar Rider, and a really high amount of damage on Black Beast are good for (You will rarely have an opportunity to cast Goblin).

Interestingly, Black Beast was one of my first Mythics as well.

Great week to get mythic Black Beast. Be sure to pick up a Winged Bison in the shop.

Budget team:

 Black Beast
 Winged Bison
 Dark Maiden
 Star Gazer

+2 green banner obviously. Cast Star Gazer once and devour for fast attack gain. Spam Winged Bison to replace Gazer. Convert yellows to green using Dark Maiden to fill the whole team with 2 to 3 Nature Link troops.

Moderate team:

Black Beast
Keeper of Souls

Classic team; Luther and Black Beast are a perfect combo. Cast Luther and devour for double attack gain. 50% chance to summon Wight on kill with Keeper. Terraxis wipes blues after Luther is gone.

Expensive team:

Black Beast
Infernal King
Infernal King
Infernal King

Made it as a joke, but it does alright. Resurrect is a fun trait.

The selection of Impervious troops is terrible though.

You don’t actually devour them. You get the secondary effects of Black Beast’s spell without actually devouring, much in the way Sandstorm will still spawn gems for Great Maw if used on an Impervious troop. It is rarely actually advantageous, since the spider/seer/black beast trio kinda blows it out of the water and without an actual devour the Beast doesn’t have great stats. A single devour beast, though, is usually big enough where targeting an Impervious troop would actually make sense and wouldn’t just get it killed from the skull backlash, but that also means effectively playing with three troops (since if you were playing with a summoner, you’d obviously target the summon instead). Its a fun little trade-off sometimes.

But hey, if they allow Impervious troops to actually start being devoured by allies, I can throw Manticore in my Black Beast team for an even better starting attack, so either way would be nice.

Single devour beast can benefit greatly from War Sphynx’s spell possibly aligning skulls for him to use. Carnex can also partially or fully recharge him, at the cost of taking all the skulls, making his ability much less likely to actually link skulls up. Behemoth is also good for some AoE damage. Plague is also fun sometimes. Again, though, spider/seer is so much more effective that it isn’t worth trying unless you just making like weird teams.

I like this team:

Dark Elven Banner
Black Beast**
Giant Spider*
Green Seer

BB devour Yeti and another Spider Swarm summoned by Giant Spider.
This team have 3 Beasts and give its bonuses.
Giant Spider give food for BB and a lot of purple matches.
Green Seer make green matches and Entangle.