Anyone played my Mythic Dire Wolf team yet?

Just a query / interest in any feedback. I have rationalised my 273 Dire Wolves into Mythic Ones with all traits and set them guard for PVP.

Has anyone played against it yet?

If you scouted it would you switch for another opponent?

Not seeing many Defends at the moment - is that because people avoiding me or just busy ascending troops etc… I have been pretty active on Invades…

Feedback anyone?

(PS, turns out I had more Priestesses than Dire Wolves… but advertising that could get me in trouble with the police, or clergy or both)

Wow, I wonder how that Agile trait will stack! I think that spell dmg would be the only way to bring those doggies to heel :wink:

You mean ‘heel’? :wink:

Heh fixed before the post! I’m also assuming that Agile can dodge exploded skulls too? If so, that means that Carnex/Gorgontha is out.

Haha but your excellent typo is immortalised in my response :slight_smile:

I don’t know if Agile can dodge exploded skulls - haven’t checked yet. Let me know if you observe anything!

I played it. It was fun. I didn’t want to “call you out” until others had the fun.

Agile was as fun and frustrating as I believed it would be. First wolf took quite a few dodges, 3 in a row.

You need to have a pep talk with wolf 4 though, He was a really slacker and didn’t dodge any of 4 matches in a row.

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That’s why he was on the bottom, there always had to be a beta.

Very strangely my defence team has changed itself to a Green Slime / Sun+Moon team that I had previously saved in that team slot and my Dire Wolves team has disappeared…

@Sirrian @Nimhain @full is this a known bug?

EDIT - further to this, another of my teams has edited itself - some kind of server reset? very odd…