Team "Beastie Snax" - Please try them out and LMK :)

Hi again everybody.

Ok I’m trying again to make some more YouTube videos and this time I put together a team that I think is pretty unique.

It works great in PvP and even in Quest/Challenge modes.

Basically they are super tanky, and you can beat the frozen pee out of the opponents in literally 1 minute when things go good. And when things don’t go good… well like I said they are super-tanky so I find that I win most of the time anyways.

Like I mentioned in my previous post I’m still very new to making YouTube videos and this time I tried to take some of the past constructive criticism to heart and made this video much less rambling and much shorter.

Again in I would love and appreciate your honest feedback so I can improve as I keep making more.

Thanks a lot everyone!

Edit: Here’s the replacement team incorporating troops that have been added / reworked.


awesome team. That just had me laughing — chomp.

Btw, reminds me of the thrall, dark master combo… chomp chomp.

Gonna be fun with the new bison troop as well.

Looks like a fun team. Nom Nom Nom

Couple of comments.

First, why is Black Beast in position 1? As long as you don’t choose a troop with the same mana colors, BB in position 2 makes more sense. You are preventing him from being able to be killed by some lucky skull cascades by the AI which renders your whole team useless if he dies. When the giant spider casts and you get a spider swarm in position 1, you’re going to eat it right away so it’s not going to block your skull damage.

Second, Maw devouring black beast is a very easy counter to this team, and so many use Maw that it’s not particularly rare for that to happen IMO. Otherwise a fine team.

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Nice video showcasing this team.

I’ve run a very similar team to this for quite a while. One of my favorites in fact:

Black Beast***/Ettin***/Green Seer/Giant Spider**

Ettin’s Empowered column destroy and huge attack boost on turn 1, with higher base life than anointed one and both having similar attack and life after casting once, and the fact that it doesn’t make a bunch of useless reds, coupled with being able to charge green seer a bit to get things started, make it a better choice in my opinion for this team. Other worthy options are Archer with Mang (with fast, purely to get a massive attack boost to start the carnage) or Anu’s Scepter (usually take yellows to fill seer, then start looping). Manticore would be nice to put here, but if you have it traited to Empowered, it also has Impervious, and you can’t devour it even with your own Black Beast.

You want Beast in the first slot because using converters can align skulls for you, and the fact that he heals to full after every devour. The very act of summoning the spider can occasionally align some skulls for huge damage. You can err on the side of caution, but also keep in mind that a troop that has been damaged only transfers its remaining stats to the beast when it is devoured, so you are both making your team much slower and your beast easier to kill in the long run. If your beast dies, the team is relegated to spider swarm zerging while using converter loops to drop skulls either way, so you really want those huge stats. If you get skull cascaded to death in the two turns before you can get green seer up for the first time, things have to really not be going your way already.

AI Great Maw does not counter this team on PC/Mobile. You charge far, far faster than them them and every subsequent turn after green seer/spider is up is spent trading skulls. Even though maw has an amazing skull trait, Beast gets much bigger, much faster, and that is if it doesnt just kill maw outright when you devour your first team member. You obviously wouldn’t use a team like this on defense, so a player could never just make the decision to Maw devour the black beast and make the team worthless, you are playing versus an AI that hopelessly take skulls over and over while overall making no impact.

The team is countered by entangle (hard, do not use it versus entangle), freeze (more annoying, but can be a problem), and instant kills (death touch, bullseye, assassinate traits). Shadow Hunter might be a problem, but a buffed beast that has some armor left and having the second slot empty when it casts makes it survivable usually. Stoneskin and the like are pretty much speedbumps.

One small note on usage: if there is little converter mana left on the the board, or the enemy has a board mod spell ready, it is usually more beneficial to gather that mana and just let your opponent take skulls until the beast can kill. You also don’t want to be converting away purple or green unless absolutely necessary. Having yourself or the opponent get green or purple off the board usually stalls you unnecessarily while waiting for your mana to reappear.


why happens when opponent has dust devil? or the new weapon that pulls a troop to the first slot?

Skip or use another team, would be my guess.

I actually beat a team with a Dust Devil in it a couple times. You could switch your first two troops or offset them all by 1 and let them cast, or you could just get lucky and skull-bait them until everyone is dead. Wouldn’t recommend it, though. On the off chance your beast gets knocked back, you can still loop get get him big until one of your loopers dies, then just devour anyone still left in your way to the front and play the deny mana game while waiting for skulls. With 200+ life and 100+ attack, you dont need many lucky skull drops to still win versus most teams, its just much slower.

This made me smile, imagining the beast eating it’s way back to the front. :grin:

There are different ways to approach it. You make a point about putting BB in position 2, but I prefer the flexibility of having him in slot 1. It gives me a few options, such as being able to summon at whatever point I want, but not have the summon in the way and potentially blocking the BB from doing Skull damage. It also means I don’t have to coordinate the summon/BB cast because they don’t “step on each other’s toes”

I use the Anointed One because even though it doesn’t show it in this video, you can get him up to easily 60-70 attack, etc in only a few rounds. The Red Mana he creates isn’t “useless” as there are two positives: 1> He creates his own Mana; 2> In combination with the Green Seer you can get lots of casts off making him power-up the BB very much.

It’s all personal preference, some would even say put a Mythic in and chomp that to just get right to the point.

I love all the feedback everybody! Keep it coming!

One thing I should say is that this is definitely not a one-stop-shop team. It works in specific fights and but not all. But I think that’s a fair point about pretty much any team.

Just as a few examples off the top of my head, Dust Devil, Faunessa, and so many more combinations of opponent can easily take this team down, so keep that in mind :slight_smile:

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BB is imho one of the most underestimated UR in the game, we need more threads with builds like this. Thanks.

Also, the one match i will never forget was a BB with 3 other Zaejin gobs, offering great stats for BB to chomp up. Before i knew it, i was doing everything i could to dodge skullmatches because the size of that BB made a great maw blush.

Then you don’t play this team. Not every team is suitable for every battle against every range of opponents.

Here’s the replacement for Beastie Snax called Beastie Chomp

I’m a lot more relaxed in my videos now. Experience maaaaaaan.

looks fun :slight_smile: