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Beasts & Monsters

I’ve been playing with a “Monsters” team, as well as a “Beasts” team. Would love to hear what other people have done with this theme?


The Great Maw
Marsh Raptor
Night Terror

Two troops deal heavy damage to the weakest troop - so together they often kill something. And both get bonuses when they do, if you trait NT for it. Great Maw is awesome, and feeds brown & yellow to raptor and swamplash. Swamplash with Immune is fantastic - great counter to Keeper of Souls or other skull-based teams. Marsh Raptor becomes a huge attack creature when Great Maw is killed. (And if Maw doesn’t get killed - you’re winning anyway!)

Nobody uses blue, because Terror powers up with it. Removing blue also makes it more likely you’ll be able to get the colors you DO want.

Mist Stalker can be used instead of Night Terror maybe? Gives more bonuses for Mist of Scales. And has been buffed.


Sabertooth Lion***

Fun synergy here with traits - 4x “Beast Bond” gives 8 life to all. 4x Beasts is another 4 life and 2 attack. Sabertooth Lion’s trait gives +3 magic due to 3x green troops. Run with green / blue banner to keep Sabertooth Lion filled and casting A LOT. Since everyone is direct damage, Warhound can totally shut down the top troop, so you can ignore skulls entirely. Some people think it’s cheating to let the AI match skulls for little to no damage, but I say it’s all fair!

Hellhound before Sabertooth would help me take advantage of Frenzy… but this is really a Sabertooth Lion build, so I need her in the top mana-collecting slot.

Anyone else with beast or monster builds they would like to share?

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Do you not get in trouble for playing games on the job or is this a perk of having this job? Thought i would ask cause you know you’re the op of his thread.


I run a giants team, go NY giants they are from broken spire.

I’ve been a professional designer for nearly 20 years - folks trust me to manage my time properly. So no, I don’t get in trouble when I choose to play games.

To a certain extent, my ability to adjust the game properly depends upon my familiarity with it. So I play not only for my own personal enjoyment, but also to keep my judgement well grounded in practical experience.

None of that has anything to do with my post though. Let’s keep things on-topic!


I also run a giants team:

Stone Giant***

But again - anyone else playing beasts or monsters?

Just thought it was weird cause so many of the devs here have personal teams and i was hoping for a little dev on dev pvp action. Your team or @sirrians team or @Nimhain vs @Andrew. I think i guided it back to the topic at hand. Also NY Giants all puns intended from broken spire.
stone giant***

For the beast deck, I play two fresh new decks with Glacial Peaks :

First one is “The One You Feed” (reference to an Indian tale)
Green+2 banner
Black Beast
Green Seer
Giant Spider

Green Seer and Giant Spider combo well together and give extra to Jackelope. The only issue is that you have to feed Black Beast first. Once Black Beast is on the verge of dying (or when you feel like it because he does to few damage), eat Jackelope. Giant Spider will produce new troops for your Black Beast to eat and power up.
The summonling also benefit from the 3 beast thing wich is a plus once devoured !
You can actually use anything instead of Jackelope, but I’d advise a beast, preferably from a Kingdom the other troops come from for a better bonus, but I like Jackelope and how he feeds back Giant Spider :stuck_out_tongue:

The other one is "Can’t Beast Me"
Purple / Blue banner
Winter Wolf
Giant Spider

Winter Wolf’s spell conbines so well with his 3rd trait, it can make a game really fast. Quite obviously, ideally you should feed Alchemist > Jackelope > Giant Spider.
Again, Giant Spider’s spiderlings come in handy if your first troop was to fall, but this time it will block your Alchemist mana (the base of your combo). However, Winter Wolf dying means giving blue and purple mana directly to Giant Spider and Jackelope wich makes up for it.

Haven’t worked on any monster deck. Ever. I hadn’t even noticed Great Maw was a monster, as its omnipresence is related to almost anything but his type and kingdom !
Might try something and give you some feedback soon :stuck_out_tongue:

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You wouldn’t be running these “Single race theme teams” as a test for the upcoming changes to console Tasks perhaps?

Actually, the opposite is true! I’ve been very interested in race & kingdom bonuses since they were introduced, which is why I’ve built a slew of new tasks around them. But when doing so, I only used kingdoms & races which have proven interesting to me (such as beasts & monsters) rather than using designators that rely on certain legendary troops, or which don’t have much synergy. (Such as Fey, or Pan’s Vale)


I might make a thread about kingdoms and their troops designed around troop type.

I’ve actually just built a deck around Fey, and Fey only unlike my beast deck up there

Green Seer
Queen Mab

Treant tanks while powering up, Sylvasi debuff ennemies while powering up and feeding back Green Seer. Green Seer feeds those two, Queen Mab freeze all ennemies so they can’t rely too much on mana, as mana = spell, and spells go through Stoneskin and won’t be bothered by the mana reduction.
Oh, and Queen Mab hurts. A lot.

Then again, console won’t have Queen Mab for what? Another 6 month maybe?

Fey teams without Gloomleaf or Queen Mab are… not super exciting to play. IMHO.

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My Monster team is
Mist Stalker (Pre Buff)
Marsh Raptor

It worked well, trying to combine Chimera to weaken into either Mist Stalker or Marsh Raptor to kill the unit.

Right now, PvP seems to be an over-grind. So I’m not getting to play a lot of variety.

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Not fun to play indeed, but still quite potent !

Besides, I’ve been looking for a Monster deck, and I’m really not fond of them… Without their legendaries, they wouldn’t be worth looking at in my opinion.

Best I could come up with is :
War Sphinx

Hydra tanks and bites back, both with her 3rd trait, and with her spell. Once she is close to dying, Cockatrice can significantly reduce the damage she takes by entangling and preventing spell uses. Swamplash then benefits from entangles. War Sphinx improves the chance for 4 / 5 gem matches to proc huge on Hydra OR simply get skulls OR line up 4 skulls for the entangled ennemy so he would deal 1 damage to your Hydra and get 3 damage on all his troops in return (quite a fun move to do when the frontliner of your ennemy ended up with less than 3 life !)

I really like the synergy between Cockatrice and Swamplash! But I never was able to turn it into anything else.

Green Seer + Swamplash x2 + Acolyte is pretty good - so much entangle! Spring Imp might be hot with Swamplash as well…

i sometimes do a dwarf team - my shadowrun and dnd almost always end up being dwarf… (need a dwarf hero class!)

dwarf lord

Agreed but where would they put him?

Khaziel… duh :slight_smile:

lets see… class Digger - perks the life and armor and count as dwarf, trait + health to dwarves, +brown mana on matchs, take half (quarter or whatever % here) damage from spell damage, colors brown and blue.

doesn’t that kingdom already have a class though?